Making Homeschool Fun for Your Littlest Learners

As I enter my second year of homeschool with my four-year-old for preschool, I wanted to share just a few things that I learned from my first year for those who may find themselves doing so also. While I had planned to have my son attend preschool this year a few days a week for social and emotional readiness, life had other plans. I am determined to make this year the best yet!


I can not emphasize the importance of PLAY enough. Your preschooler’s body and their brain are not designed to sit for extended periods of time. When first deciding to homeschool my preschooler, I found many different curriculums and points of view. One theme ran through each article I read: preschoolers learn best through play.

There is no shortage of play-based preschool curriculums available to you online. Our first year at home, we used Playing Preschool. We find ourselves learning all day through play, field trips, and sensory play, and then a small amount of time is dedicated to structured learning. One of my favorite things to do to break up the day is the use of themed sensory bins. We always have two in rotation—our favorites are kinetic sand and feed corn. We store them in bins with lids and stow them away under our bed when not in use.


Remember, you have been teaching your child their whole life. From facilitating tummy time to encouraging their first steps, you have guided them from the very beginning. While my son and I do loosely follow an inexpensive kindergarten curriculum that I found online, I also supplement his learning by following his interests. That includes lots of books and not forcing anything—I want to cultivate a love of learning for my four-year-old. Currently, we are focusing on all things frog, like life cycle and ponds, because that is what he is interested in right now.

I challenge you to not compare your child to other children flooding your social media feeds, but having benchmarks in mind is important. We decided to use the Kindergarten readiness checklist from our school district as our standard for learning goals throughout the year. In the end, though, it’s most important to remember to HAVE FUN.

Find What Works for Your Family

When we first started our homeschool adventure, I did many of our lessons right at the kitchen table. I did not dedicate a space to our schooling time, and while that works for many homeschooling families, that did not work for my little learner. He was distracted, and we weren’t able to leave projects unfinished because we did not have the room to set it aside at our table to save for later.

Once we dedicated a spot for our lessons, I saw my son flourish. He stayed engaged longer. I was able to follow his lead and did not feel the pressure to finish a project, and instead, we could leave it and come back to it when we were both ready. This is a small example of why what works for someone else’s child may not work for yours. And, it’s okay to change it. The great thing about homeschooling your little one for preschool is the flexibility. You will be able to find the best fit for you and your child. If something isn’t working, you can try something else!


The main difference between homeschool with my preschooler last year and this year is the new addition of his baby sister. This means I have considerably less time to throw things together last minute. It takes planning and preparation to give them both the time they deserve during the day.

On Sunday evenings, I prepare our week. Each day is divided and each lesson is put into a rolling cart drawer. So, if I find myself with a day where we are only able to do our school in pockets of time, everything is prepared and ready to go.

Remember to Move

Again, four-year-olds are not designed to sit all day. If you want to keep your littlest learner engaged, remember to move as much as possible. Get outside and get into nature—there are lessons all around you! Take your books to the front porch for reading time. Save the mess and do your science experiment outside. Start your day with a fun song and some dancing. Whether you chose to homeschool your preschooler this year or your hand was forced, I encourage you to make the most of it, and, again…REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN.

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