Lansing Moms Guide to School Resources in 2023: In Person, Homeschool, and Beyond

We cannot believe that the 2023 school year is almost upon us! It happened so fast! No matter how you plan on schooling this year, we’ve got you covered! Check out everything you might need for the 2023 school year including resources, advice, support, and more! As always we are so grateful to our sponsors for making this guide possible! Be sure to check out Rise and Shine Tutoring, Michigan Beef Industry Commission and Eastwood Towne Center for all your back to school needs!

Back-To-School can be hectic, it can feel overwhelming and there is a lot to juggle! Michigan Beef Industry Commission is making meal time easy with a variety of recipes to keep your family satisfied and your budget happy! Check out their full website here or head to some of our favorite resources below.

Be sure to check our Guide to the Best Family Dinners In + Around Lansing for more ideas!

For over 15 years, Rise and Shine Tutoring, LLC, has provided year-round, affordable, individualized, in-person or virtual tutoring to K-college level students with no long-term contracts. The parent/student determines the duration, frequency, andflexibility of the tutoring schedule. Our tutors will address the current school curriculum of the student to improve academic success. We specialize in individualized attention. Unlike a learning center, where tutors typically are assigned several students and work from a predetermined lesson plan, we pay careful attention to each student’s specific academic needs. Having a tutor who will come to the student or work online to focus on the school curriculum and provide one-on-one tutoring is a huge convenience and alternative from a traditional learning center atmosphere.

To connect with Rise and Shine Tutoring visit their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Those Back-To-School shopping lists will be coming home soon but we all know the fun part of back-to-school shopping, for our kids, is new clothes! Eastwood Towne Center has everyone covered for all your back-to-school needs this season. From stores like American Eagle, Gap Kids, Lululemon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more there is something the whole family can find for their back-to-school needs. As Moms there is nothing we love more than a one-stop shop when it comes to shopping for our kids, and the convenience of Eastwood Towne Center makes it our top place to shop this season. Plus you can make a full day out by grabbing a meal and enjoying time together before the school year is in full swing!

Back-To-School requires organization and maybe some new routines too! If you’re looking to upgrade your organization for the school year, Easy Life Organizing has you covered. They are here for all your organizational needs from school year resources to life.

Also be sure to check out Back To School Routines for Moms for more tips on staying organized this year.

Wondering what you’ll need for this school year? Head here for a full list or check out City Mom Collective’s Back to School Essentials.

Who knows what the school year will bring! We recommend stocking up on these items, just in case of emergencies!

“This is for all the mamas who are tired just thinking about packing school lunches and snacks every day for the next nine months.” Check out the Guide From City Mom Collective on the Ultimate Back To School Lunches.

Wondering how you can make this school year special for your kids? Head here for the full details!

No matter how your children are moving into the new school year, whether it’s in-person, remote, homeschool learning, or any hybrid of them, this year is ready for fun! Our kids deserve to celebrate and honor the start of a new school year. The way we, as families, set the tone, and the attitude, as we move into this school year make a huge impact on how our children move into their role as students.

For Tutors in the Lansing Area head here for more information read on below.

This school year is holding a lot of uncertainty and big changes. However, that doesn’t mean you are alone. There are a multitude of resources out there to help. We know your teachers will provide support as much as possible, but if you are looking to supplement with more educational assistance, we have rounded up resources and tutors available to parents in the Lansing area.

For School Resources for Parents on Homeschooling Laws in Michigan head here or read on below for more information.

Wondering what you NEED to know about homeschool in Michigan? Lansing Mom has got you covered with some of the key items you need to get started. Whether you are wondering about some very frequently asked questions, details on the laws you must follow in Michigan, or how to be successful while following state guidelines, we’re here to help. Read on to find out what you need to know!

Looking for a Co-Op of homeschooling parents to support you, head here for a full list or read on below for a little more information.

As with everything else in motherhood, having a support group can be essential. Homeschooling is no different. Even the most seasoned mothers will encounter something new each year while looking for school resources. There is no reason to go it alone, though, because there a ton of groups available to support you! Lansing Mom has rounded up groups both local to Michigan and nationwide so that there is something for everyone. Keep reading to find the group that’s right for you.


Looking for activities for your kids this Fall? Head here for Community Groups and Organizations.

One of parents’ biggest benefits of sending kids to school is the socialization children are able to receive by attending school. We recognize this as a legitimate concern! We want you to know that many homeschool families are still involved in their communities in so many ways. If you are considering homeschooling for this school year, keep your kids involved with the community by considering these community groups and activities.


Looking for resources and curriculum for this school year? Head here for a full list or read on for more information.

So you’ve decided to homeschool, or are thinking about it, and you want to know where to go for supplies? We have got you covered with a comprehensive list of the best places to get started no matter what types of materials you are looking for. Whether it’s full curriculum or support materials, we’ve rounded up some amazing resources for you to begin your journey!


Want to see a full list of Co-Ops and Sports Organizations head here or read on below for a little more information.

A big concern that parents may have when considering homeschooling is how to continue socialization sports and activities for their kids. Not to worry though because homeschool can offer your children plenty of activities, too, and the Lansing area is not short on them! Below you will find a list of organizations offering Extra-Curricular Groups and Athletics.

Head here for our full list of Field Trip Locations or read on below for more information.

If you’ve chosen to homeschool this year, staying at home or staring at a screen all day can be less than ideal for your kids’ learning. If you’re a hands-on kind of parent looking to add a little bit extra to this school year, or supplement entirely, consider one of these amazing Michigan spots for a field trip. You’ll add a little bit of hands-on experience to your education and it might provide a well-deserved break for everyone!

Lansing Mom strives to provide up-to-date information for our community. If you have more resources please email [email protected]

Looking for more resources?

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