Homeschool Community Groups and Activities for Your Kids

One of parents’ biggest benefits of sending kids to school is the socialization children are able to receive by attending school. We recognize this as a legitimate concern! We want you to know that many homeschool families are still involved in their communities in so many ways. If you are considering homeschooling for this school year, keep your kids involved with the community by considering these community groups and activities.

Community Groups and Activities

American Heritage Girls | A Christ-centered leadership group with chapters available in Jackson, Charlotte, Ada, and Durand.

4-H | A national community offering programs for kids that enable them to complete hands-on projects.

Girl Scouts of America | Girl Scouts of America is a group centered on leadership development with the available chapter as Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan.

Boy Scouts of America | Boy Scouts of America is a group centered on leadership development. Check for available chapters here.

Junior Forest Ranger Program | Junior Forest Rangers is all about exploring our national forests. Through this program, kids can learn all about the environment while becoming a Junior Forest Ranger.

Frontier Girls | Frontier Girls is a program that focuses on “community services patriotism, life skills, and leadership.” You can sign up online or start your own troop.

Awana | A biblical-based program that can help your kids learn about ministry. Membership and curriculum is available online.

YMCA Sports Leagues & Camps | Your local YMCA is a great place to start when looking for community programs for your kids. The YMCA is currently closed but stay tuned to your location for updates.

Other Possible Resources

Community is all around us. Don’t forget to look right in your own neighborhood for community programs. If you are looking for a religious community, you can check out church Youth Groups and Sunday School options. Another great option is to see what your Public Library has to offer. While some libraries remain closed at this time, CADL has great outdoor offerings with their StoryWalk which you can read more about here.

If you are looking for more ways to get involved with the community be sure to check out our post on Sports Organizations for Homeschooling Families.


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