Make Beef a Part of Your Strong Mom Routine in 2024

New Year. New You? How about a you where you take care of yourself just a little bit more? A you where you make your health, well being, and the food you eat, a priority? In 2023 we put more beef on the table than ever. We learned about its benefits for not only our children but us as Moms. In 2024 we’re committed to continuing to make beef a priority in our healthy routines. We’re ending this year by working with Michigan Beef Industry Commission to bring you information on how beef provides the nutrients to fuel a healthy and active lifestyle for your Strong Mom Journey. 

The Importance of Beef in An Active Lifestyle

Maybe you have an active lifestyle on your list this new year. Maybe it’s continuing to be active. Or maybe it’s just moving your body a little bit more in the ways that make you feel good. However you’re moving, fueling your body with the appropriate nutrition is essential to keep you feeling your best.

This year we learned so much about beef from our friends at the Michigan Beef Industry Commission. We began putting more of it on our plates as we learned how beef provides essential nutrients for our bodies! Registered Sports Dietitian Amy Goodson shares, “Protein provides your body with the building blocks it needs to gain muscle and fuel recovery. Animal proteins, like beef, are one of the most nutrient-rich, complete protein sources available, meaning they provide essential amino acids that help your body maintain muscle mass.” So what does that mean for us as Moms? Moms need these nutrients in the same ways that athletes do. We lift babies, carry loads of laundry up and down the stairs, push strollers, keep up with our kids on the sidelines, and more. This means Moms need protein in order to keep up with all of the amazing things our kiddos are doing and all the strength it takes to be a Mom. 

Learn more from Snowboardcross Olympian and three-time X-Games Silver Medalist Erin Simmons Nemec and Registered Sports Dietitian Amy Goodson on why nutrition is so critical in performance.


From Farm to Mom Strength

As we head into a new year we can’t help but reflect back on the year we’ve had and the changes and strength that it brought us. Michigan Beef was no doubt a part of our Strong Mom journey this year. We’re excited to share a little bit of that with you here and share how we can take this energy and information into 2024 to become stronger Moms.

Farm Experience with G & G Cattle Company, Beef and Barbells and Michigan Beef Industry Commission

This Summer Lansing Mom was hosted at G & G Cattle Company by Beef and Barbells Owner Lindsay Green and Michigan Beef Industry Commission. We were able to tour the Green’s Cattle Farm and learned so much about the process of raising cows. The amount of hard work that farmers in our area put in every single day is astounding. From the amount of hay the animals consume, to their care, to reproduction, there is so much that goes into the cows in our home state. The outcome is high quality beef with the nutrients we need. 

We were able to experience a full body workout with Michigan Beef and Beef and Barbells. The workout was built upon helping us feel confident and strong. We followed it up with information on how to strengthen our bodies. We learned why protein like beef is so essential to us as women and mothers. Michigan Beef Industry Commission provided us with this information, “The essential nutrients found in beef, like protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins, provide our bodies and minds with the fuel we need at all stages of life to be the strongest version of ourselves.” This tied in so perfectly with our day. We came together to strengthen our bodies. To learn about all the work that farmers are putting in every single day. Then enjoyed a Carne Asada Tacos meal with Michigan Beef Industry Commission. This recipe for Carne Asada from Michigan Beef was delicious and should be added into your rotation!

Looking Ahead to 2024

In 2024 we aren’t leaving beef behind. We’re adding more to our plate than ever, as we learned about its essentiality to our diet when building strong Mom Bodies. We’re taking in the information from our friends over at Michigan Beef. We’re incorporating it into our plan for an active, healthy, supported lifestyle in 2024. You can snag this plan too, just screenshot our set-up below!

  1. Set an achievable goal. Whether it’s to move your body in a way that feels good, to add in more yoga, to try strength training, setting a goal can get you there. Whether it’s twenty minutes a day, or five times a week, a goal is always a good place to start.
  2. Live by the 80/20 rule. According to Michigan Beef, “This means that 80% of the time you focus on eating nutrient-rich foods like whole grains, lean protein, healthy fat, fruits and veggies as well as exercising. Then, 20% of the time you can include foods that are higher in calories and lower in nutrients.”
  3. Schedule in exercise. When we schedule it we’re more likely to do it! Find those planners and write it down in pen to commit to yourself this new year.
  4. Develop a win/challenge list.  A win/challenge list is a journal of where you’re doing AMAZING and where you’d like to see improvement. This will help you take a close look if you’re aligning with your goals this year!
  5. Be accountable. Have a best Mom friend? Set some goals together and keep each other moving and eating nutrient rich food through this new year. 

As a new year begins we can’t wait to see what you achieve this year as a Strong Mom. Looking for more from Michigan Beef Industry Commission? Check out, How to Stretch Your Time, Budget and Tastes with Michigan Beef Industry Commission, Grilling Basics for Moms, and A Holiday Roast and a Meal Everyone will Remember with Michigan Beef. 


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