A Holiday Roast and a Meal Everyone will Remember with Michigan Beef

The holidays can evoke so many emotions and feelings. For us the nostalgia that holidays can bring can’t compare to any other time of the year. Lights twinkling, magic in the air, delicious smells all around, and the best foods filling our families with joy and love. This year we’ll be sharing one of our favorite holiday traditions, a holiday roast, to share with our loved ones. Come on in for the recipe from our partners at Michigan Beef Industry Commission (referred to as Michigan Beef throughout the post) and find out how to create a meal everyone will remember.

This post is brought to you in partnership with the Michigan Beef Industry Commission. For more information about raising beef in Michigan, visit their website, Instagram, and Facebook

Where to Start

Creating a meal to remember is probably a lot easier than you think. It’s not about the table settings, or having the perfect candle lit, how picturesque your home is, or anything like that. It’s about two things, your favorite recipes and the people you share them with. We recommend starting by deciding who will be coming and then what type of beef you will be serving. Everything else will come together!

Once you decide who is coming your next step is to decide what type of roast you plan to serve. There are so many different options to fit every budget and palate! We received some advice from Michigan Beef on how to choose the perfect roast, and we’ll share a few here with you, but encourage you to venture out and see what you think would be the best fit.

Best Roast for Little Ones

Our top choice is going to be the Tenderloin Roast! Mainly because this roast is going to cook FAST! Patience is not a virtue of our little ones, all the time. If you have little ones who find themselves hangry at the push of a button, this roast is the perfect fit.

Best Roast to Feed a Crowd

The top choice for a roast to feed a crowd is the ribeye roast. With larger portions this is the perfect fit for those of you hosting a larger gathering. With great flavor and lots of marbling, this roast is perfect for your big family.

Best Roast for Budget

The Chuck Roast is the top choice for those of you looking to enjoy roast within a budget! We know having roast can be an expensive addition to the holidays so this easy swap is perfect. It does take a little bit of time to prepare but if you have the afternoon to let it cook, it becomes the perfect family meal!

How To Cook a Holiday Roast

You have the perfect roast for your family but what’s next? If you’ve never cooked roast you might not know where to start. Every roast is different and requires different cooking times, temperatures and preparation methods. We highly recommend checking out Michigan Beef’s Oven Roasting Guidelines for how to cook the perfect roast no matter what your choice of cut is.

Once you know what your oven needs to be set at, head to Classic Holiday Dinners for a little inspiration on how to season your roast for the perfect taste. There are so many ways to add flavor and we know you’ll find the perfect one for your family!

Wrap it All Up

You’re prepared to enjoy a holiday roast this season and make it a memory that your family and friends will talk about for years to come. When we think of the holidays, the nostalgia that it can bring is heartwarming. This season we’re so excited to make Michigan Beef a part of that nostalgia, that will continue into tradition.

Looking to add a little something sweet to your holiday roast traditions? Head here for where to find pies locally this holiday season. 


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