Grilling Basics for Moms

There is no better way to kick off summer grilling season than with beef. Between the different cuts and options for marinades and rubs, beef is the perfect choice for summertime. Some might argue that grilling is THE most popular method for cooking beef, but it’s also the one that tends to worry a lot of beginner cooks. But when you follow these steps (and allow yourself a little practice), you’ll find grilling is easy and—most importantly—very satisfying. Join us as we dive into grilling basics for Moms that are sure to make you the chef of the summer!

Grilling Basics for Moms with Michigan Beef

Whether you’re grilling a quick, light, and healthy, summer meal or hosting a savory cookout with friends and family, the Michigan Beef Industry Commission is kicking off grilling season by sharing tips for a flawless grilled meal!

BUT FIRST: For quick reference, check out these grilling guidelines for cooking time information and grilling basics for a summary of the tips below.

Consider the Cut

While classics, such as the Strip Steak and Ribeye, can be an easy go-to, there are endless options when it comes to cuts of beef. Why not try taking your grilling game up a notch with a cut you might not be as familiar with, like a juicy Flat Iron or a lean, flavorful Flank Steak. More cut ideas for grilling can be found here.

Prep Pays Off

Grilling can be as easy as taking the meat straight from chill to grill. You can plan on taking the steak from the fridge, seasoning it quickly, and throwing it on the grill for the nights you might be crunched on time. For days you have some more time for prep, marinades and rubs are a great way to take beef to the next level with minimal effort. To add extra flavor, tender cuts can be marinated for as little as 15 minutes or as long as two hours. For less tender cuts, marinating for at least six hours, but not more than 24 hours, will do the trick.

Fire it Up

First, make sure your grill grate is clean. For charcoal and gas grill, refer to your owner’s manual for cleaning and heating instructions. The grilling temperature should be around medium. Remember, medium and steady wins the race. Grilling is not something you want to rush, despite the actual rush you might be in to get dinner on the table.

Grill, Baby, Grill

Once the meat is on the grill, don’t get flip happy. Usually, one flip is all you need! Do you know the difference between medium and medium-rare? Do you like your steak at 145ºF? A meat thermometer and the info here will tell you all you need to know for the perfect beef doneness.


Wait to Savor

I know your kids are probably already asking when dinner will be ready, but trust me letting the meat sit for about five minutes after removing it from the grill is worth the wait. This allows all the juices to soak into the meat instead of running onto your plate if you were to immediately cut into it. Hopefully you can keep the kids occupied these extra five minutes before waiting to dig in.

For more ideas for a successful grilling season right, check out these delicious recipes:

Be sure to head over to the Michigan Beef Website for more tips and recipes and stay up to date with them on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss a thing!


  1. Thank you so much for this article! I’m a newly single mom navigating the grill for the first time this year – much appreciated tips!


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