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Morgan Walter

Hi, I'm Morgan a mom of 3 boys 3 and under. We live a simple country life on the outer skirts of the greater Lansing area. We enjoy farming and each other's company. I take a more natural approach to motherhood. Moderation is key in my mothering Journey.

U-Pick Summer Berry Guide In + Around Lansing

With sweet summer comes sweet, sweet berries. Yum! It's a great activity to take the kids out and spend a few hours out of the house. U-pick is fun and rewarding for both kids...

Ways to Support Small Businesses This Season

The holiday season is upon us, and with it will come the huge advertisements from the big box stores. Huge sales on this year's hottest toys, who could pass up those prices? During the...

Pumpkin Patches In and Around Lansing

It's pumpkin season! Grab your flannel, boots, and favorite pumpkin beverage because fall is here. And, boy does it feel good...even for this summer-loving girl. Get ready to head out for some outdoor fall...

How To Incorporate Farm Life into the City

Growing up I was a complete city girl and I never would place myself as a girl who would grow up to love the farm life. It never was even a thought. I didn’t...

New Year’s Resolutions to Make the World a Better Place

New year's resolutions seem to be the same every year: eat better, exercise more, be more productive, etc. Those are great goals for the new year and the sense of accomplishment when sticking to...

Missing Someone Through the Holidays

Missing someone through the holidays is extra tough. A time of year that focuses on family, relationships, and friends can put you down really quickly when your heart aches for someone who is not...

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is upon us and, for extra worry, this year it is topped with COVID. As if moms need more stress and worry in their lives. Fortunately, there are natural things...

Starbucks Drive-Thru and Walk-In Locations Around Lansing

We get it. We've been there. The "up every two hours to feed and/or pump for your beautiful newborn." The days where you are soaking up every moment of this incredible new blessing but...

Quick and Easy Tips for Back to School This Year

As the schools announce their reopening plans, the anxiety surrounding this year's end of summer and back to school plan is unreal. As parents, we are stressing...big time. If we are stressing, imagine how...

Practical Ways to Cope with Anxiety in Uncertain Times

The night they announced schools were shutting down until further notice and restaurants would be drive-through only, stores were quickly selling out of toilet paper and people were acting full-on crazy, I laid down...