Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is upon us and, for extra worry, we still have COVID to deal with. As if moms need more stress and worry in their lives. Fortunately, there are natural things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and boost our immune system. Feeling under the weather already? We have got a few tricks up our sleeves to combat sickness in our list of natural remedies for cold and flu season.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Vitamins, vitamins, and more vitamins. C and D are going to be your MVP’s but a multivitamin never hurt anyone. D may also help you combat the seasonal blues that can sneak up on you.
  • Minerals are just as, if not more important, than vitamins. A good source of minerals is salt…but not your typical table salt. My favorite can be purchased here.
  • Probiotics are so important to wellness. Treat your gut right! Your gut controls so much more than we would think. It is crucial to have it in line.
  • Elderberry syrup has become a staple in a lot of homes for good reason. It can help aid your body’s immune response to quickly resolve any sickness.
  • Thieves essential oil. We diffuse it and mix up a roller bottle to roll on the bottoms of our feet.

When You’re Under the Weather

Continue the above. It will still help aid the sickness in disappearing faster.

  • Rest. Your body is telling you something and you need to listen to it. I know it is hard when you’re a mom, but your body is requesting you to press pause.
  • Echinacea tells your immune system to kick it in gear and get fighting. This is more of a treatment than a preventative because it tells your immune system to fight.
  • Sugar. GET RID OF IT. Is that possible? No. Just try to limit your intake. Sugar is thought to weaken our immune system and feed sickness. Replace with raw honey or pure maple syrup when possible.
  • Bone broth simmered with garlic and salt (the good kind we already talked about) is my first line of defense when I feel anything trying to bring me down. I call it my “witches brew” because it works like magic.
  • Activated charcoal. This one only applies to stomach bugs or food poisoning. A capsule of this can take care of the stomach flu. We take it once symptoms show. For littles, we add a quarter of capsule to apple sauce or banana.
  • Apple cider vinegar in your humidifier. Add enough so that you can smell it. It stinks, yuck, but it works.
  • Thin socks soaked in lemon water then put on your feet. Top them with a dry wool sock to pull the heat of a fever away from the head.
  • Sore throat? Gargle warm salt water.
  • A glass of hot tea with lemon and honey always sends the comfort vibes and soothes the yucky feels.

Natural remedies can help ease our sickness at home and help our bodies combat it. Fluids and rest are the best things you can give yourself when sick. Please consult a physician for medical advice and if you are experiencing more than a minor ailment. Hoping you all stay healthy this year, but if you do come down with something yucky, I hope you find comfort in this list.

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Hi, I'm Morgan a mom of 3 boys 3 and under. We live a simple country life on the outer skirts of the greater Lansing area. We enjoy farming and each other's company. I take a more natural approach to motherhood. Moderation is key in my mothering Journey.


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