U-Pick Summer Berry Guide In + Around Lansing

With sweet summer comes sweet, sweet berries. Yum! It’s a great activity to take the kids out and spend a few hours out of the house. U-pick is fun and rewarding for both kids and mom! Strawberry season is just beginning and soon you will be able to pick raspberries, blueberries, and more.


  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen.
  • Tennis shoes are the go-to for this occasion.
  • Call ahead to make sure the farm is open, accepts the form of payment you prefer to use, and if you need to bring your own buckets.
  • Bring a wagon along– the collapsible ones are perfect for this activity!
  • Look in the middle and the bottoms of bushes– these areas are often overlooked and you can find more berries than on the already-picked outside.
  • Stick to one spot and pick it clean before moving on.


Diederich Berry Farms | 3537 Morrice Rd, Webberville, 517-521-4667

Hanulcik Farm Market | 1425 N State Rd, Ionia, 616-527-3630

Sodt’s Berry Farm | 7403 Blackman Rd, Jackson, 517-782-8933

Bird Berry Farm | 5256 Belding Rd, Belding, 616-794-5041

Huhn’s Strawberry Farm | 11262 S. Tallman Rd., Eagle, 517 626-6608


Hazen’s Farm | 1144 Peavy Rd, Howell, 517-548-1841

Schafer’s Raspberries | 4340 Beeman Rd, Williamston, 517-655-4024 (U-Pick by appointment only.)


Hazen’s Farm | 1144 Peavy Rd, Howell, 517-548-1841

Sodt’s Berry Farm7403 Blackman Rd, Jackson, 517-782-8933

Balzer Blueberries of Onondaga | 2784 S Aurelius Rd, Onondaga, 517-628-2370

Bird Berry Farm | 5256 Belding Rd, Belding, 616-794-5041

Earth First Farms Organic Growers | 3835 Pier Rd, Benton Harbor, 269-815-3370


Where will you be heading for u-pick berries this year? Need some other ways to get out of the house? Take a Road Trip to Mt. Pleasant!


Morgan Walter
Hi, I'm Morgan a mom of 3 boys 3 and under. We live a simple country life on the outer skirts of the greater Lansing area. We enjoy farming and each other's company. I take a more natural approach to motherhood. Moderation is key in my mothering Journey.


  1. I had no idea all all these different places were around the area. A couple, but so good to know the different places if one place is closed or ran out. I like to make small batches of different jams so we don’t get bored with one flavor, but strawberry is our favorite.


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