Missing Someone Through the Holidays


Missing someone through the holidays is extra tough. A time of year that focuses on family, relationships, and friends can put you down really quickly when your heart aches for someone who is not there. Here are some tricks to use when trying to find the holly to your jolly.

Bust Out the Decorations

My grandmother’s cookie recipe…I swear it is the best one there is.

It is hard to decorate when you want to be sad; the energy for the task can be lacking. Crank up your favorite Christmas music, Michael Bublé anyone? Make your favorite hot beverage or take a little drive to pick one up. (Find our guide to local coffee shops here.) Bust out the decorations, and before you know, it you’ll be dancing along.

Talk About Them

The holidays are full of sentimental moments and memories—reminisce on your favorite. Laugh about silly things you enjoyed with the person you are missing. When we laugh through our pain, we are releasing good emotions. Talking about them helps relieve some of the backed up emotions. Do not hold it in, let it out. Crying isn’t a bad thing, either. Swap stories of the person you’re missing with others…you may find someone feeling the exact same way.

In Their Memory

Do something in their memory. Buy an ornament resembling their favorite things. Whip up a platter of their favorite treats, or dig out a recipe they would have made at this time of year. Watch a Christmas classic you know they wouldn’t have passed up when it was on TV. Do things in their memory to remember what they loved when it came to the most magical time of the year.

Add a Tradition

I fell for it…and I don’t regret it.

Add a new tradition. Something you can look forward to yearly…no elves have to be included in that (although I fell for it). Something as simple as picking out a new decoration or an ornament. Playing a festive game, reading a book every night of December, watching the 25 days of Christmas marathon and eating a bowl of popcorn mixed with festive M&M’s. You do not have to go all out, just a small traditional activity.

Bring some joy back to the season. Missing someone through the holidays leaves an unpleasant hole. Hoping you find something to help patch that hole. Whichever way you celebrate this year, Happy Holidays! 

Looking for ways to make missing someone through the holidays even a bit simpler? Check out Simplify the Holidays.


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