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Celebrate Picture Book Month at Any Age

It’s bedtime- baths have been done, teeth have been brushed, pajamas are on. Twilight is creeping in. I sit on one of my son’s...

An Alternative to the Forced Apology

Recently, my children were playing with their cousins in our basement. There was sharing, taking turns, and general harmony. But, inevitably, something happened. I...

Save Your Summer Sanity With A Quiet Time

Summer encompasses all the feels- magical moments watching your children swim in a pool together, taking family bike rides, maybe adventuring in a new...

How to Help Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet

June is Internet Safety Month in Michigan. Which makes now the perfect time to talk about how influential the internet has been. It's influenced...

10 Diverse Picture Books You Need

Several years ago, I was in a packed auditorium listening to one of my favorite teachers and reading advocates, Donalynn Miller. I was taking...

Halloween Kids Book Reading List

The days are getting cooler and the leaves are slowly starting to turn in color. Time to take the summer books off your shelf...

Top 10 Things to Buy for Your Kid and Sanity

Keeping a toddler busy is no easy feat, especially 24/7 during a pandemic. With my husband and I both working from home, providing our...

Choosing Impactful People On Purpose

Choosing impactful people on purpose.  The speaker talked about the ways her family had been influenced by this concept which caused my mind to trail...

How to Handle Negative Words

People will always have something to say. The negative words hit me hard. Am I doing things right? Should I scold them more? Should...