Top 7 Tips On Planning A Playdate

Are you ready to meet up with other moms and kids? Setting up and prepping for a playdate doesn’t need to be complicated or take a lot of time. Check out our top 7 tips on planning your next playdate.


7 Steps to the Perfect Playdate

  1. Talk to your child about who they would like over for a playdate. Keep your eyes are ears open for who your child interacts with at school, activities, social groups, and religious groups. Having similar interests is certainly a bonus.
  2. Arrange the date. This may be a daunting task, but try to get creative with timing and what works best with schedules. Typically set a timeframe for 1-2 hours. Having a clear start and end time with a count down before leaving helps with transitions.
  3. Start where they are comfortable. It could be our own home, friend’s home, the park, or the playground. Just make sure that the kids are in a safe and positive environment, whatever the setting.
  4. Keep it small. It may be overwhelming with a large group of children planning a get-together. If possible, try to set the group to just one family. This way, both of you can have meaningful conversations.
  5. Prep a couple of activities. Pick a couple of activities or games that the children might want to do together. Legos, blocks, art time, making a snowman, kicking the soccer ball, or playing in leaves.

6. Step back. When it is appropriate and safe, take a step back and let the children play. Keep those site lines and check ever so often on how the kids are doing. If the kids are in a disagreement, try to let them figure a solution out.

7. Be ready with a snack. Prepare a light snack and drink. Check before for any allergies. If you are feeling creative, you can have the little ones help make the snack such as a fruit salad, ants on a log, Chex mix, or even cookies.

So let’s get some playdates on the calendar! We truly hope you can use these top 7 tips for planning your next play date in real life. Push yourself to invite the new child in class or the neighbor that lives a few doors down. Step outside of your comfort zone and build great long-lasting friendships!

Check out our favorite local parks as a place to have your next playdate!


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