4 Picture Books to Read in Honor of Native American Heritage Day

Each year, the Friday after Thanksgiving is designated as Native American Heritage Day. It’s a day to celebrate and acknowledge the culture and contributions of Native Americans appropriately and respectfully. It also creates a space to talk with our kids about historical and contemporary injustice, misrepresentation of history, and the importance of preserving culture.

One of my favorite ways to start conversations with my toddler is through reading. Below are a few of our favorite picture books by Native American authors and about Indigenous American cultures.

Lansing Mom is here to share our tried and true favorites. This post does contain affiliate links that help support our small business but every product is something we love! 

Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard

Poetically written, this story explores the cultural significance of fry bread in some Native American communities and how meals bring people together.

We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom

Narrated by an Ojibwe girl, this story describes the importance of protecting Earth’s water and shines a light on the oil pipeline protests.

We are Grateful by Traci Sorell

Written in both English and Cherokee, this story shows all the things we can give thanks for each season.

Go Show The World by Wab Kinew

This book has beautiful illustrations and celebrates the legacies and accomplishments of historical and contemporary Native Americans.

For more picture books to celebrate and learn about diversity, check out this post!


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