On-the-go Snacks for Toddlers

In general, my food philosophy is “good for my kid’s body while requiring the least amount of work.”  For a variety of reasons, cooking is not something I enjoy. I do cook, because other humans depend on me for nutrition – but it would be fair to rate my level of effort as “half-assed.”

I’m especially lazy when it comes to snacks, but I do care a lot about what goes into my kid’s body. I want to feed her in ways that nourish her body and give her energy to play and grow, but I also want it to be easy for me. As a result, I’m a self-taught expert in all the available pre-packaged-but-still-nutritional snack options available.

Please note: there is no one right way to feed your kid. Everyone is different and has different nutritional needs. What I’ve included below works for me and my kid. It’s absolutely okay if they don’t work for you. If you or your child have any dietary restrictions or unique nutritional needs, chat with your doctor before making dietary changes or introducing new foods.

My Priorities for Snacks

When I’m looking for snacks, there are few things I prioritize:

  1. I try to find foods with little (preferably no) added sugar/sweeteners or artificial dyes.
  2. I try to get the organic options when it’s available and not cost-prohibitive.
  3. It’s important that the snacks be easy to throw in my bag and eat on the go. This means nothing requiring refrigeration, nothing that requires utensils, and nothing messy. They also need to be small enough to fit easily into bags.

Our Favorite Snacks

Below, I’ve included a few of our favorite toddler snacks for on-the-go.

Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies

  • Pros: Available in most general grocery stores, organic, no added sugar, other variations/flavors available.
  • Cons: Contains wheat and milk (not safe for folks with allergies).

Yumi Snack Bars

Image of Yumi bar box.

  • Pros: Organic, no added sugar, now available at Target and some Meijer locations, a good source of veggies if you have a pickier eater, lots of flavor options, individually wrapped and easy to just throw in your bag.
  • Cons: Can be difficult to find online or at smaller grocery stores.

Gogo Squeez Applesauce Pouches

 shows box of organic GoGo Squeeze applesauces pouches. Box is brown and green, with cartoon apples bananas, and strawberries.

  • Pros: No added sugar, organic option available, sold at most grocery stores and online, lots of varieties (including fruit, fruit/veggie, yogurt, and others), easily fits into a bag or purse
  • Cons: Small (so my toddler usually eats 2 or 3 at a time), need to be refrigerated once opened

Note: there are a lot of different applesauce pouch brands, some of which are cheaper than GoGo Squeez. We also like the Kroger Simple Truth Organic and the Target organic brands.

Simple Truth Organic Mini Rice Cakes

Screen shot of two bags of mini rice cakes. One is white cheddar, the other is blueberry

  • Pros: organic, several different flavors, no sugar added in most varieties, small enough that they don’t crumble like full size rice cakes.
  • Cons: only available at Kroger, not all flavors are no sugar added, the white cheddar ones (which are amazingly delicious) can leave a white cheese residue on hands.

Now that you have your snack bag ready to go, you can head to some fun Indoor Play Places for Kids In + Around Lansing!


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