Top 5 Thanksgiving Crafts

With Thanksgiving upon us, time can rush by with the busyness of the season. But as always, it’s important to slow down and savor the moments when we can. When you have some time to spare, grab some supplies and gather up your kiddos to make something fun to celebrate. Here are five fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts to help get you in the spirit!

Pie Slice

Easy as pie and a cute food-themed Thanksgiving craft! A large paper plate, markers or craft paper, scissors, glitter, glue, and pom poms are needed to make this yummy looking pie. Cut the paper plate into pie-shaped wedges. Choose your favorite pie flavors by using different colors: red for apple, orange for pumpkin, or green for key lime pie. Decorate the tops by sprinkling on some glitter or adding pom poms.

Thanksgiving Tree

Start a new tradition with a with a tree full of what you are thankful for. Cut some branches from outside and place them in a jar or pot. Then, cut out leaf shapes with different color craft paper. Punch a hole at the top of the leaf and add twine, creating a little ornament. Have the kids write, if they are able, whatever they may be thankful for. Find a cozy spot to display your Thanksgiving craft tree for the season.

Pinecone Turkey

Go get some fresh air and search for pinecones of different shapes and sizes outside! Then, gather some paper, crayons, brown, orange, and red felt, and googly eyes. Color or cut out feather-shaped pieces of paper in different colors. Then, cut the felt to make the body, beak, and little gobble. Insert the paper feathers at the back of the pinecone and felt pieces to make the face of the turkey at the front. Display on the kitchen table for a cute centerpiece.

Coffee Filter Turkey

This fun decoration will definitely put a smile on your face. Collect clothes pins, white coffee filters, markers, glue, a spray bottle, zipper bag, and googly eyes. Color your clothes pins and coffee filters colors of of your choice. Place a coffee filter in the zip bag and spray with water. Once dry, fold the coffee filter in half, insert the pin, and draw or glue on the turkey face.

Gratitude Chain

Count your blessings and express what you are grateful for. Cut out strips of paper in autumn colors. Then, have each person write something that are grateful for on a strip of paper. Staple the pieces of paper together in interlocking rings and hang your chain in a special part of your home. This may serve as a reminder that we are each blessed.

I hope that you find the time to do special Thanksgiving crafts with your kids. It warms my heart when I spend this quality time with my littles. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

To help get even more in the spirit of Thanksgiving, read Teaching Children About being Thankful.


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