Taboo Topics with Dr. Michelle Becher from Sparrow

We’ve all been there, postpartum and navigating a whole new world with our bodies. Whether you’re one day postpartum or two years, the journey of how our body changes can be confusing. We may not know where to turn when topics arise that no one seems to be talking about! Lansing Mom had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Michelle Becher, Gynecological Surgeon, from Sparrow, to answer our questions on taboo topics for Moms. Check out our interview with Dr. Becher as we ask some of the burning questions that Moms need to know the answers to!

Taboo Topics with Sparrow

In our interview with Dr. Becher she shares a little bit about her background, where she started, and then we dive right into taboo topics. This interview allows us to open up the conversation. We’re letting Moms know they aren’t alone in bodily changes and the things we may be experiencing.

What you can expect from today’s interview:

  • Answers on normalcy in libido, when to seek out a professional, and when low libido may be a sign of something bigger going on.
  • Intimacy after baby, making time for it, and why Mamas may not crave it as much.
  • Factual conversation on uterine shrinkage and what is occurring after birth.
  • How to take care of the perineum after birth and what happens during the birth process.
  • Breastfeeding and the changes that happen in our body.
  • Pelvic Floor Therapy and how to take care of the pelvic floor.

Check it all out below and let us know, are there future Taboo Topics, you’d like to discuss?

Looking for more information on what our partners at Sparrow have to offer? Check out our piece on Sparrow Children’s Center or head here for Knowing When and Where to Go for Care.


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