When and Where To Go for Illnesses & Beyond with Sparrow

As Mothers we are no stranger to doctor’s offices and Urgent Care facilities. We work tirelessly to ensure our children’s health and wellness but sometimes we just need a little more guidance. Does that fever warrant a doctor’s visit? I think that bone is broken, where do I go? My child was hit in the head, what should I do? We aren’t always doctor’s ourselves. For those of us who need a little more guidance on when and where to go for illnesses & beyond, we are partnering with Sparrow to bring you a full guide on when to go, and where to head, when you, or your children, are in need of medical attention.

Lansing Mom had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Kent Yaney and get full details on the new Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos, as well as advice on when and where to go, when you are experiencing a situation that requires medical attention. Dr. Yaney completed his residency at Sparrow from 2007-2011 and is currently an Attending with Sparrow. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine.

When and Where to Go for Illnesses

It’s flu and cold season, we know it, you know it, your pediatrician knows it, your children likely know it! But the questions still linger. Is it more than just a cold or flu? When do we need to seek medical attention? It is always recommended that you consult with your pediatrician if possible, but when it’s not, or you can’t wait, then what? 

The Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos is here for you. With a fully staffed Emergency Room, with seasoned and trained staff they can get you seen with expert care. We know, you still want to know when to go! Dr. Yaney provided us with medical advice on when to make a trip to the Emergency Room and what the Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos can provide care for.


It is likely that your child has experienced, or will experience, a fever. But when is it more than just a fever? Dr. Yaney recommends that children experiencing a fever that lasts one to two days that does not respond to Tylenol or Motrin should be seen. Children who aren’t eating or drinking, and who do not have urine output for six hours should also be seen. If your child has a fever and you have respiratory concerns, they also should be seen in the Emergency Room. The Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos is available to see children experiencing these symptoms. 

Croup and RSV

Maybe you’re a parent who has never had to experience Croup or RSV but you’ve heard about it. You look out for that barking cough associated with Croup all season long. We are listening to our babies breathing, as we look for signs of RSV. Both are illnesses that can affect our children at any time, and knowing when and where to go for illnesses, like these two, is crucial. If you are unable to see your pediatrician, the Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos is here for you. They are open and available to treat your children for both Croup and RSV. 

Broken Bones and Stitches

We’re parents, it’s probably going to happen at some point. Between my three children they have broken two bones, and required two sets of stitches. When my son first broke his arm I didn’t know where to go. It sounds silly but I didn’t actually know if this required an Emergency Room Visit, or if there was somewhere else I should take him. When my other son needed facial stitches, I had the same question, do I head to the ER? Or is Urgent Care more appropriate? It turns out the Emergency Room is the place to be. The Sparrow Emergency Center- Okemos is fully equipped to handle any broken bones and stitches for you, your children, your spouse, and any other loved ones you may be caring for. 


Three years ago I suffered a pretty severe concussion. I was hit in the back of the head and the weeks that followed were unpleasant. When it happened, I didn’t really know the signs or symptoms of a concussion, or how it should be treated, mine went untreated for almost a week. Head injuries can be serious and if you experience one you should be seen as soon as possible. If you are concerned that you or your child is experiencing a concussion the Emergency Room is the best place to go. At the Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos they offer imaging services and experts to evaluate concussions and provide a treatment and care plan. 

Rashes and Allergic Reactions

Rashes are going to happen, if we’re lucky an allergic reaction won’t ever happen. But what if it does? Or what if a rash comes on so suddenly you need to be seen?

Last year my son was experiencing Urticaria Hives, or what was referred to as plaque hives. I have to tell you from first hand experience that it was terrifying. Again I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t know what was happening, what was causing them, or anything about them. We went to an Urgent Care but they had no answers for us. My poor babe was itchy and miserable. We ended up in the Emergency Room and got some better answers, along with relief that he was stable.

In motherhood things like this will happen, we need to make sure we are in the right place to receive the correct care. If you are experiencing a severe rash yourself, or with your child, or you or your child are presenting with an allergic reaction, the Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos is open and available for you. 

Pregnancy Conditions and Concerns

When experiencing concerns with a pregnancy, knowing when and where to go is crucial. If you are beyond fourteen weeks and need to be seen at the Emergency Room you will need to go to Sparrow’s Downtown Location, under fourteen weeks you are able to be seen at the Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos. Heading to Sparrow’s Downtown location ensures that if you are beyond fourteen weeks you will be sent to OB Triage, if necessary. This is the best place for you and baby at this time, and Sparrow’s Downtown Location will assess and create a plan for you. 

The New Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos Benefits

Deciding When and Where To Go can be difficult, we are so grateful that Dr. Yaney was able to sit down with us and provide expert advice on some of these common areas. The Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos is a smaller department with a fully staffed ER. They have seasoned and trained staff with cat scans, x-ray capabilities, ultrasound and labs. Emergency Room Staff can see anything from emergency cuts and scrapes, to patients in cardiac arrest. You can rest easy with shorter wait times averaging 12-14 minutes from door to patient room, to being seen by a physician.

Granger Pediatric Emergency Department

When it comes to expert care for our little ones you can also head to the downtown Lansing Sparrow Pediatric Emergency Department, Granger Pediatric Emergency Department. Did you know that the Granger Pediatric Emergency Department is the, “first and only emergency room designed for children and young adults from birth to age 20”? Staff at the Granger Pediatric Emergency Department are specially trained in pediatric emergencies. This makes it one of the best places to take your little ones during an emergency. With a kid-friendly, kid-sized space, Sparrow is here to provide comfort and care during an emergency. When you find yourself in an emergency situation head to one of Sparrow’s locations for expert care.

Knowing When and Where to Go for Illness & Beyond is Essential. The Sparrow Emergency Center -Okemos can treat anything and anyone, stabilize any patient, and get them to where they need to be. Head here for more details on the Sparrow Emergency Center – Okemos.


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