Guide to Lansing Area Mother’s Day Brunch and More

Mother’s Day is upon us and if you’re anything like us you probably have cooked your fair share of meals this past year. So Mama it’s time to treat yourself. We’ve rounded up a list of spots offering Mother’s Day Brunch this weekend to give you the day off from cooking! Read on for the Guide to Lansing Area Mother’s Day Brunch and More!

Brunch In Lansing

Feel like dining out in our awesome city of Lansing? We’ve rounded up spots in the city that are serving up something yummy for Mom this Mother’s Day.

Against All Odds Foundation | Lansing. Mother’s Day Brunch Event. $45

Mitchell’s Fish Market| Lansing. Offering a Mother’s Day three course option.

Capital Prime| Lansing. Offering a special Mother’s Day menu

Brunch Around Lansing

Not feeling like heading downtown and wondering what might be available in your city? Browse the list below to find more local offerings in the Greater Lansing Area.

Beggar’s Banquet | East Lansing. Offering special brunch selections.

Looking Glass Brewery | DeWitt. Moms get a free drink.

Looking for a gift to go along with your Lansing area Mother’s Day Brunch? Head to our Local Mother’s Day Gift Guide.


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