Lansing Mom’s 2022 Ultimate Guide To Winter in Lansing + Beyond

Winter feels like it has already arrived in the Lansing Area. We are still a few weeks out from the true days of the season but we are already digging in to enjoy the season to its fullest. The Greater Lansing Area is full of activities to keep you warm and cozy, bring you outdoor fun, and more! Whether it’s a winter hike, resources for keeping the blues away and indoor play, Santa visits, books for the season, recipes, or more, we have got you covered with our Ultimate Guide to Winter In + Around Lansing.

We are so thankful to our partners at Tinkr2.0, Potter Park Zoo and The Wharton Center. for helping us bring this guide to you and we can’t wait to share all the magic that Potter Park Zoo and Tinkr2.0 have to offer this season!

Winter at the zoo is one of our favorite times! The magic of the Wonderland of Lights, with holiday displays, music, and more is the perfect way to step into the festive season.

This season a Zoo Membership can make the perfect gift and will encourage you to head to the Zoo all year long. Winter days offer great insights into the the elk, m Arctic foxes, North American river otters, bald eagles, and ravens. They love the colder days and you’ll love how active they are on them! There will also be plenty of spots to warm up like the Bird & Reptile House, and Feline & Primate House.

Don’t wait for spring days to visit the zoo! You’ll enjoy it in all seasons! Head here on how to prep for a winter trip to the zoo.

Tinkr2.0 is a STEAM learning experience for all ages. Alongside our retail, we also offer classes for toddlers, school age children and adults. Tinkr2.0 also offers birthday parties, field trips, scout troop events, and drop in activities.

You can check them out here!



This winter don’t let the cold weather get you down, instead stay warm, and entertained, with a show at The Wharton Center. We’ve rounded up some amazing shows to enjoy each month of the year that will bring us all the way to spring, whether it’s a family day out, a special treat for grandparents and the kids, or a Friday night at the Theater the Wharton Center has something for all ages lined up!

January Show| Ugly Duckling

The details| “Meet the most unusual duckling the pond has ever seen!

Teased and called ugly by his siblings, our hero goes on an adventure in search of a place to fit in. As the seasons change, the woodland trees from dark weathered branches to silver sticks of frost, the lost and lonely fledgling meets a menagerie of mischievous animals…but where does he really belong?”

February| The OkeeDokee Brothers 

The Details| “Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander have built a plaid-shirted national following with their Grammy Award® winning folk music that celebrates everyday explorers, young and old. But whether it’s indoors or out, The Okee Dokee Brothers are most passionate about songs meant to be sung together. “So sing to the sunrise and sing to the moon,” the Brothers say. “Sing with your kids and sing with your neighbors. Sometimes it just takes singing a song with one another to remind us that we’re all family.”

March| The Boy Who Grew Flowers

The Details| “Adapted from the picture book by Mara McEwin and choreographed by Emily Bunning, The Boy Who Grew Flowers is the story of a young boy, Rink Bowagon, who lives on top of Lonesome Mountain with his unusual family of rattlesnake tamers and shapeshifters. The townspeople agree that Rink and his family are quite strange, but they are unaware of Rink’s spectacular gifts. Whenever the moon is full, Rink sprouts beautiful flowers all over his body. When a new girl, Angelina, moves to town, Rink’s life truly begins to grow.”

Peacock Road Family Farm is here for all your Christmas joy this year with the most magical visit to Santa. Come out to the farm and ride the Peacock Express to visit with Santa! You will ride the train to Santa’s cabin in the woods, visit with Mrs. Clause and warm up with some hot cocoa. Be sure to stop by the sugar shack too, head to the wreath shop for a custom made kissing ball and other decorations, or grab your Christmas tree from the pre-cut lot or pick one out on your own! There is so much Christmas fun to be had on the farm this season. Tickets are going fast, be sure to grab yours here before they’re gone! 

For Winter Activities In + Around Lansing read on below for more information.

Winter Activities In + Around Lansing

Five Things You Need for Winter

There is no shortage of winter activities in the Lansing area so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites, including sledding and indoor fun options too. Click the link above for more information or head here for reasons to Head to the Zoo this Winter. 

For outdoor activities in the Lansing Area head below for more information.

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors! Head to these posts for inspiration on how to get outdoors this winter!

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Outdoor activities not your thing? Don’t worry! Check out these cold day indoor activities instead!

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Looking for ways to kick up the cozy comfort food for the holiday season? Look no further!

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Ready to cozy up at home with some good books? We’ve got you covered!

Books to Celebrate Holidays Around the World

Holiday and Winter Books for Kids

Lansing Mom strives to provide up-to-date information for our community. If you would like to be part of our guide please email [email protected]

Looking for more resources?

Check out our Lansing Mom Approved Holiday Gift Guide here.


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