YouTube Workouts for the Whole Family

February is a tough month for moms. The weather is still cold and dreary, and the snow is starting to lose its magic. Sledding isn’t quite as thrilling as it once was, and it’s still too cold for a nice long walk outside. Thanks to COVID-19, we don’t even have the distraction of Valentine’s Day school parties, or special dates with our significant others, to help break up the days. The pandemic has also closed many of the indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks that parents rely on when the weather is less than great. Chances are your kids are starting to bounce off the walls. So what’s a tired mom to do?

It’s time to explore the world of YouTube Workouts. Use screen time to your advantage! It can help your kids burn off some pent-up energy, have some fun, and maybe even learn something. If you’re looking for some self-care options, we’ve included channels just for Mom too! YouTube workouts are a great option for busy moms (and moms-to-be!). There is no cost, no driving to the gym, no finding childcare, and an endless variety of workouts that can fit into your time schedule.

YouTube Workouts for Kids

Cosmic Kids Yoga is the hands-down favorite at our house. My two-year-old loves Jaime, the instructor, who uses yoga to tell stories and teach mindfulness. Her catalog of videos is extensive, with everything from Star Wars and Frozen to Marvel superheroes, all turned into interactive experiences. She also has a section for toddlers, Yoga Time for Little Ones, that run a bit shorter and are set to familiar nursery rhymes. The Zen Den videos teach kids meditation and calming techniques for stressful situations. Our entire family loves to do Cosmic Kids Yoga together!

Go With Yoyo is another great account to help kids unleash some of their energy through fun exercises and yoga. There are family workouts, exercises involving your child’s favorite stuffed animals, guided meditations and games such as Simon Says and freeze dance. Videos can be as short as three to five minutes, the perfect amount of time to hold little one’s attentions and get their sillies out before lunch or a car ride.

Just for Mom

Madfit is a great channel for Moms who are trying to establish a workout routine or replace a gym class that was cancelled thanks to the pandemic. Workouts range from 10-30 minutes, with full body cardio and sculpt options in addition to targeted workouts for specific areas such as abs. Madfit also features dance workouts set to everything from Taylor Swift to Ariana Grande to Eminem. There’s also 90s, 2000s, and 2010s dance workouts that will take you straight back to high school no matter when you graduated.

PopSugar Fitness has an amazing variety of workouts no matter what your experience level is. Featuring real Hollywood trainers, videos cover barre and yoga classes, beginner workouts, dance fitness, and even the Victoria’s Secret models’ workout. Programs average 30 minutes with little to no equipment needed. They’re easy to fit into your day, and with such a wide variety you won’t get bored.

YouTube Workouts for New & Expectant Mamas

Fitmomma is a fantastic page for new moms looking to work out while babywearing or even just holding their baby. Most workouts are around 10 minutes and require no equipment or previous experience. It’s a great way to get back in touch with your body after the incredible journey of pregnancy and giving birth. (Remember to always check with your doctor before starting a postpartum exercise program!)

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV has great prenatal workouts for any expecting Moms who may be missing their prenatal yoga classes. There are also videos for postpartum and Mommy & Me ballet classes that are just as adorable as they sound.

YouTube workouts provide a fun, easy way to exercise at home. We hope these channels help keep everyone sane during the long winter months. If you’re looking for more at home fun check out, Activities for Your Kids and Your Sanity. And remember it’s almost Spring!


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