Outdoor Dining Options In + Around Lansing

Are you looking to get out of the house this winter for a fun and socially-distanced meal with your family/pod? Indoor dining throughout the state is currently closed and if you’re feeling like me, you are ready for a break in your routine to get out of the house for some local fare. Look no further—we have compiled a list of Lansing area restaurants that are providing outdoor dining options that are both fun and safe.

Photo Credit: Lansing Brewing Company
  • Lansing Brewing Company offers patio tents. Each tent has a heater to keep you toasty and seats a maximum of six people.
  • EagleMonk Pub and Brewery has fire pits and outdoor heaters to keep you warm while enjoying a cold brew and some pizza.
  • Dusty’s Taproom in Okemos has an outdoor and heated patio to get outside for some wine/apps.
  • Peanut Barrel offers an outdoor, heated patio in the heart of East Lansing.
  • Arcadia Brewpub has outdoor patio igloos so you can enjoy their ice cold brews and a variety of menu items.
  • One North Kitchen & Bar is newly opened in West Lansing and offering igloo outdoor dining.
  • Buddy’s Pizza in Lansing offers a heated patio and ice shanties.
  • Acapulco in Charlotte has outdoor heated tents for enjoying your authentic Mexican food and house margaritas.
  • Coach’s Pub and Grill offers patio seating with heaters and wind blockers.
  • Horrock’s outdoor beer garden has a heated patio and a new food truck schedule every week.
  • Dagwood Tavern & Grill has two heated patio areas offering their bar food and ice cold beer.
  • Soup Spoon Cafe offers an outdoor heated patio for enjoying their delicious local menu.
  • Reno’s offers a heated outdoor patio area at both locations.
  • The People’s Kitchen has a covered and heated patio area to keep you warm during your outdoor dining.

We know it has been a tough winter cooped up in the house, so we hope you can get out and enjoy some local fare in a fun and safe way this winter!

If you’re looking for ways to combat the winter blues, check out Ways to Beat the Winter (Pandemic) Blues. 


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