Lansing Mom Connect: How to Show Up as Your Authentic Self

Lansing Mom Connect is a space just for Moms who are motivated to take their business or career to the next level.

Women holding arms, connecting with one another, Lansing Mom Connect informationLansing Mom Connect

Lansing Mom Connect is where moms can come together to build community and network with other women in the Lansing area. Community and connection are the foundation of everything we do here at Lansing Mom. We want to nurture relationships between women, be their cheerleaders, and lift them up. In a world where competition and comparison are the norm, we want to shatter those ideas with compassion, encouragement, and sisterhood.


We have a goal of connecting women together. This networking group will be like nothing you have ever experienced before. LM Connect is just for the Moms! Maybe you’ve been to networking events before but felt like you couldn’t really fit in or relate because Motherhood was a huge part of your business and/or career, this group changes all that! We are focused on supporting moms who are working on business and career goals. Our owners know and understand that moms face unique challenges in balancing careers, businesses and motherhood. The goal is to help you feel supported in your business or career and also in motherhood.

Lansing Mom Connect is for…

  • Moms who are entrepreneurs or own their own business.
  • Moms who work for an employer either at an office or from home.
  • Moms who have been raising their children and are looking to reenter the workforce either with employment through someone else or by starting their own business.
  • Moms who have a side hustle and want support.


We are so excited to share that events will be an integral part of Lansing Mom Connect. LM Connect will hold a monthly event with a different educational focus each month. Our first Lansing Mom Connect is on May 30th at Sweet Encounter. Lansing Mom’s Owner and Founder, Katie Jones, will be speaking about the importance of creating community, how to cultivate community in your life, and how we can support each other as hard-working moms.

Your ticket includes:

  • Sweet treats and grazing charcuterie from Sweet Encounter
  • Shopping for permanent Jewelry from Lakuna Links
  • Shopping with Mom with Me and Milk and Body
  • Pampering from Douglas J
  • So many more surprises and we can’t wait to share!

Tickets are limited and will sell out quickly!

To buy your tickets, head here

We can’t wait to have you at our first ever Lansing Mom Connect!


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