Cozy Products and More You’ll Love for November

November is officially upon us and it’s time to cozy up with some of Lansing Mom’s favorites that our team is LOVING right now. Dive in for our favorite recipes, local shops, and products that are keeping us cozy this November!

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Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, or any Kind of Pie Really

We’ve got a lot of thoughts on pie this season, mainly that it should be included! Check out what we’ve rounded up below for our favorite pie inspired coziness this season!

  • Don’t want to bake yourself? Check out our favorite local Pie Shops Here.
  • Up for some baking? Check out our favorite Pumpkin Pie Recipe here! We also have got the cutest products that are going to make your kitchen extra cozy this season. We LOVE doing mini hand pies in our house and these Christmas Themed Hand Pies are the cutest and sure to add fun to your little ones holiday season! If you’re going for a big pie we love these gorgeous dishes, as they add just a little bit of flare to your holiday table. Dishes: Hand Pies:
  • Want to continue the pie tradition beyond the kitchen? We love these books for the season, they’re perfect to read with your children, or gift to yourself or a friend! Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie is a book perfect for your kids who are going to be experiencing new foods this Thanksgiving! Sister Pie, the perfect book for the baker in your life, right from our home state, located in Detroit, Sister Pie is a staple in the community and an inspiration and their recipes are just as good too!

Get Crafty to Get Cozy

One of my favorite traditions with my kiddos is making an orange garland every year! If you’ve never made one this is a test of patience for the little ones but is also so much fun to have as a family, and they’re gorgeous to hang up in your home. Making an Orange Garland is easy enough and I’ve got everything you’ll need below. I follow this recipe and sometimes add a dash of cinnamon on my oranges to make the house smell so good while they’re drying!

What You’ll Need |

  • Oranges, probably 4-5 depending on size
  • Twine, I like the plain look but there are so many different options and bonus, you can use it to tie bows on presents too!
  • Beads, I love to string up our oranges with some beads to give them a little extra something and little hands can help with this part! I personally like the dark red beads but there are so many options!

Slippers and a Robe

I thought robes were overrated until I began wearing one the winter my daughter was born in order to nurse her easily but also stay warm. It honestly transformed my winter and I don’t say that lightly so now I’m a robe advocate and I have several soft and plushy ones that I absolutely love. If you’re ready to join the wearable blanket community, check out this robe for the season!

The other game changer I’ve found has been my slippers. I love them all and I love them to be super cute!

Heated Blankets

Every year our Elf on the Shelf, Snowflake brings a gift upon his return to set us up for a cozy December. Whether your Elf participates in these activities or not, or your house is Elf free, a heated blanket is something you’re going to want. It has changed my life and I won’t look back. If you can’t tell already, I don’t enjoy being cold. Here’s my favorite heated blanket that I absolutely love for the season

Candles and Scents

What could be better than cozying up with your favorite scent this season? I’m not a gingerbread, sugar cookie, icing kind of candle girl, but I love nostalgic and fresh smells. Sharing three spots to get your scent on below!

Comfy Sweaters

I’m all about a good sweater. There is nothing better than putting on the coziest oversized sweater and cuddling up! Check out some of my favorites below.

Oversized Scarves

Fashion right now is the more oversized the better and I can’t say I disagree with that in the winter months! I love, love, love a chunky scarf and I’m sharing a few of my favorites below!

Favorite Books

I dive into my books when the seasons change, here a few I’ve loved and think would be perfect for your late fall reads!

Warm Fire

If you can’t have a real fire in your home I’ve got some options for you! We’ve discussed my need for warmth in the winter and these are some of my absolute favorites!

  • Solostove | These fire pits are absolutely amazing and keep me outside all year round. I don’t like to be cold but I do love a late Autumn and winter fire outside with blankets and a glass of wine. Our solo stove was an investment but is hands down one of my favorite purchases we’ve made, it brings our family together in all seasons.
  • Solo Stove Table Top | If you want something cozy but don’t want the price, the solo stove table top is amazing and would make a great gift this holiday season!
  • If you watch our Instagram stories you know I’m a space heater girl. I work in the office all day and crank that little guy! I know you may think all space heaters are made equal but as someone who has used many of them, you’re going to want to check this out!

That’s it, that’s our November wrap up! We hope you have the coziest November and can’t wait to share what we’re loving in December! 


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