Top Five Spring Photo Spots In and Around Lansing

Spring has sprung. The flowers are blooming, greenery is appearing and it is the perfect time for photos! Whether you are looking for maternity, family, or individual shots we have rounded up some our favorite spots for you. Read on to find our top five spring photo spots in and around Lansing.

As always thank you for trusting us to bring you awesome spots and to our partners, Lauren Wood Photography, Hello Sweetheart Photography, Michelle Lippert Photography and The Jonesy Company, for making it possible! 

Frances Park

If you haven’t been to Frances Park before you are missing out. Located in Lansing France Park is one of the most gorgeous spots overlooking the Grand River. The park offers a variety of photo spots for both formal and more lifestyle pictures. You can head to the Rose Garden or hit the trail for whatever suits your style. Bonus: there is an awesome playground for your kids to burn off some energy while you’re there.

Shigematsu Memorial Garden

This little gem is tucked away in the campus of Lansing Community College, so much so that you might walk right by and never know it was there. Inside there is a pond, small waterfall, and pathways to lead you around the garden. While it’s not a huge space there are plenty of beautiful photo opportunities for both lifestyle and posed sessions. Just picture your kids taking a peek into the water at the beautiful goldfish in the pond!

North Neighborhood

I feel like MSU is a given for photo opportunities but one of the most overlooked spots has got to be West Circle. The beautiful greenery that surrounds the buildings is breathtaking and the landscaping here makes for the perfect shoot. I also love the old charm of the buildings in West Circle that would make for a perfect shot.

Opera House Grand Ledge

Down beyond the Opera House in Grand Ledge is a perfect scene for grabbing beautiful photos. Set on the river you’ll want to check this spot for the beautiful scenery perfect for more styled shoots.

Lansing Murals

Photo Credit: Amanda Shaffer Photography

There are plenty of murals in the Lansing Area to explore, head here for our full guide, but our favorite is this one located under the Kalamzoo Bridge. It is the perfect spot for those looking for a more fun urban shoot.

We are so thankful to our Sponsors for making the Guide to Five Spring Photo Spots In and Around Lansing possible. Head to our Full Guide to Photographers in the Lansing Area so you can grab these beautiful shots with an expert!


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