Murals In + Around Lansing and How to Find Them

After first moving to Lansing and taking a quick tour of the city, I was amazed by how much art touched the city. Lansing’s art scene is truly inspiring, and the artists that have painted the town have given us a tremendous gift. In an effort to get my preschooler out of the house but maintain social distancing, we decided to adventure to view some of these fantastic murals up close and in person.


Artist: Sentrock

Where: 226 E César E. Chávez Ave, Lansing


Artist: Nanibah Nani Chacon

Where: Polka Dots Boutique 1207 Turner Rd, Lansing


Artists: MICA and Reach Studio Art Center

Where: Behind the 300 block of E. Cesar Chavez Avenue and Turner Street


Artist: Steven Allen

Where: The Artisan Company 117 West South Street, Lansing


Artist: Werc

Where: 901 Cleveland St, Lansing


Artists: Various
Commissioned by Old Town General Store owner, Rhea V.

Where: 408 E César E. Chávez Ave, Lansing


Artists: Collaboration between Sydney G. James, Eufoe, Birdcap, and Spiz

Where: The Cadillac Room 1115 S Washington Ave, Lansing


Artist: Sentrock

Where: 1132 S Washington, Lansing


Artist: Designed by Natalie Puckett and painted by Tracie Davis

Where: American Fifth Spirits 112 N Larch St, Lansing


Artist: Htown Ink

Where: Kean’s Store 406 S Jefferson St, Mason


Artist: Christopher Kramm

Where: BAD Brewing Company 440 S Jefferson St, Mason


Artist: Tom Phillips

Where: Preuss Pets1127 N Cedar St, Lansing


Artist: Tony Hendrick

Where: Impression 5 200 Museum Dr, Lansing


Artist: Isiah Lattimore

Where: Part of the ARTpath 2020 located under the 496 Bridge


Artist: Emily Luyk

Where: Part of the ARTpath 2020 located under the Kalamazoo Bridge

While this is just a short list of a few of the incredible murals decorated around our city, I encourage you to let it inspire you to get out and see what artists have created in the form of unique street art. If you are looking for a place to start, I highly recommend beginning with ARTpath 2020. They have even put together a google map for you to be able to navigate the exhibitions easier. Make a bucket list of must-see murals, pack some snacks, and go on a mural hunt with your littles!

After you’ve experienced Lansing’s murals, perhaps you’re looking for another outdoor activity or something great to eat!


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