Simple Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Let’s face it, you’ve been acting as teacher for FIVE WEEKS now. You read that right, five weeks. There’s probably been some good, there’s definitely been some bad, and you’ve probably realized that being a teacher, mom, working, and DOING IT ALL, is hard work. Which is why we won’t blame you if celebrate yourself and your child’s teacher this week. That’s right: it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and teachers all over the United States have been working hard to provide learning materials for the home. Even if you haven’t received a stellar at-home program, let’s not forget all the work our teachers did up to this point in the year. We’ve got some ideas on how to celebrate your child’s teacher this year, and maybe some you’ll even want for yourself.

Drive-By Parade

By now you’ve definitely seen all the drive-by birthday parades happening! But the parade doesn’t have to be limited to just birthdays. Reach out to your child’s class and set up a drive-by for their teacher. Decorate your car with balloons and signs and let your kids have fun waving and honking to their favorite teacher. It’s sure to be one that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Porch Drop-Off

This can be done individually or as a class. If you’re the gatherer type, ask for a gift donation from the class to purchase fun items that you know your teacher will love. Since we’ve all been staying home, fun things to include could be a book, their favorite candy, slippers, whatever feels right! 

Mail a Thank You

This one is the simplest but will mean so much. Have your kids create their own teacher appreciation cards and pop them in the mail. It will give you an activity to keep your kids busy and your teacher will love to know your kids are thinking of them.

Record a Video

It’s a digital world and you can easily keep in touch with everyone! You can record a short video of your child saying thank you and email it to your teacher for a smile.

Organize a Class Meeting

If your students are using virtual learning, surprise your teacher by organizing a class Zoom/Google Classroom/FaceTime, etc. A time to connect without the pressures of work is such an important component of school that is missing during this time. 

Send a Gift Card

Our world has gone virtual so the beauty of this is that you don’t have to do much work. Just head to your teacher’s favorite shop, purchase a gift card, and have it emailed, or mailed, directly to them. A gift that is sure to brighten your teacher’s day.

There are so many ways that you can celebrate teachers during this time and we hope that you do. Need some ideas for local gifts to get during this time? Check out our post here.


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