Secondary Infertility with Dr. Hanh Cottrell from IVF Michigan

As we begin planning for our families there are so many factors that can come into play. Some things we may be prepared for and some things we may not have been prepared for. Lansing Mom had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Hanh Cottrell to talk about something that affects one in ten women, Secondary Infertility. Today we are sharing our interview with Dr. Cottrell where she shares facts, information, and support for those walking through a secondary infertility diagnosis.

Secondary Infertility with IVF Michigan

In today’s interview we’ll be meeting Dr. Cottrell, who is operating out of the Lansing office, and your local Fertility Specialist. Her joy is to help individuals and couples build their family. She is sharing all of her knowledge on infertility and more.

What you can Expect from today’s interview

  • What is infertility and when is it diagnosed?
  • Understanding timelines
  • What is Secondary Infertility?
  • When to reach out to a Fertility Specialist
  • Factors that affect Fertility
  • Testing and procedures for family building
  • Lifestyle and Habits
  • Mental Health, Emotional Support, and Counseling


Looking for more information on IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers? Head to, A Mom’s Guide to Fertility with IVF Michigan Fertility Centers or head to IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers Website.



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