Mason: A Quiet and Great City

When my husband and I moved from Kalamazoo to the Lansing area, we knew we wanted to live somewhere that would be quiet but would not be boring. We first moved to Beacon Lake apartments and loved that we could walk downtown for a night out (which was a lot easier before we had our son). When we decided to buy a home in Mason, it was important to us to have a house near downtown so that we could be within walking distance to all of our favorite places.

Here are some of our favorite places in the quiet and great city of Mason.

3 Favorite Restaurants

Los Tres Amigos | 447 S Jefferson St, Mason, MI 48854

I know that Los Tres is not unique to Mason but they have the best tacos and margaritas. It is our favorite place to get a lot of food at a great price. Plus, how can you say no to endless chips and salsa? When the weather is nice, we enjoy sitting on the patio and sipping on our favorite margaritas: my husband likes a traditional margarita while I enjoy the frozen mango margarita.

Good Bites | 440 S Jefferson St Ste B, Mason, MI 48854

I have three words for you: hand cut fries. The seasoning on them is amazing and they make their own ketchup, too. I refuse to share with my husband so we always get our own.  They also have a great Pan Fried Mac and Cheese that is best covered in their pulled pork.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Courthouse Pub | 160 W Maple St, Mason, MI 48854

We enjoy the old school pub atmosphere of the Courthouse Pub. They have very good bar food and a menu that has something for everyone. Our two-and-a-half-year-old son can be pretty picky, but he really enjoys their chicken strips. It’s a nice place to go as a family where we can enjoy a meal together and watch a game.

3 Favorite Outdoor Activities

Laylin Park 

My son and I go to this park once a week. He loves to chase the geese and I enjoy walking around the ponds with him. It has a small structure for children of his age and swings.

Rayner Park

My son likes to call this the “Dragon Park.” It has a huge structure full of twists and turns.  He loves to explore all of the different areas. It also has a great space where you can have a picnic.

Hayes Park

My husband and son have their special “Daddy” time here. There is a huge hill that they run up and down on. It also has some great tennis courts.

Favorite Ice Cream Place

The Daily Scoop | 350 S Jefferson St, Mason, MI 48854

I am pretty sure that if you asked my son what his favorite place in Mason is he would say “The Daily Scoop.” They have MSU Dairy Store ice cream and make faces for my kids using whip cream and sprinkles. My son likes to request chocolate with a face every time we go.

Favorite Coffee Shop

Bestsellers | 360 S Jefferson St, Mason, MI 48854

I have to be honest…I do not actually drink coffee. However, when my husband was working on his finance degree this was the best place to get him a pick-me-up on the weekend. He loves the Milky Way Latte.

Favorite Deli

The Vault | 368 S Jefferson St, Mason, MI 48854

Since my husband and I work at home together, we enjoy getting lunch at “The Vault” deli.  My favorite is #39 – Chicken Bacon Pretzel Roll. They also have great old school sodas and jalapeno chips. 

Favorite Place for a Great Beer

Bad Brewing Company | 440 S Jefferson St, Mason, MI 48854

When we first arrived in Mason we fell in love with Bad Brewing Company. My husband always gets The Kracken IPA and I love to get their cider. We also enjoy going to their block parties (and we look forward to going to them again after the pandemic).

If you haven’t spent much time in Mason, I encourage you to come visit! You might just fall in love with it. For more Lansing area cities, check out A Mom’s Guide to Dimondale.


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