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Regina Skaggs


Mason: A Quiet and Great City

When my husband and I moved from Kalamazoo to the Lansing area, we knew we wanted to live somewhere that would be quiet but would not be boring. We first moved to Beacon Lake...

The Three-Hour Glucose Test: You Have Nothing to Fear

The dreaded Three-Hour Glucose Test. It's the test you hear about and hope you do not have to do. The type of test that can bring great anxiety and make you ask the following...

Second Baby—OMG! How Do I Do This?

When I had my son, I knew that I would someday want to give him a sibling. I grew up with an amazing younger brother so I knew this was something I wanted to...

Loss During a Pandemic: If There Were Only One More Day

This pandemic stole three months from us. Three long months without getting the opportunity to see my grandpa. It turns out that I was a day late to see him. My grandpa passed away...

Faith and Family Helped Me Survive a Pregnancy Loss

I started Father's Day with a prayer. “Please, God, save my baby. Help me to carry this child." I had only known I was pregnant for four days and it was already not going...

Pregnant During a Pandemic? Three Tips for Moms-to-Be

This was not a part of my plan. I finally feel like life has been working– albeit in a somewhat controlled, chaotic status– enough that we can throw another cutie into the mix. The...

How To Create a Functional Work and School Space at Home

Before the pandemic, I rarely chose to work from home. I prefer to be around my colleagues. Plus, I have my cubicle where I can focus on my work that has the perfect set...

Introducing Regina Skaggs…a Mason Mom

My name is Regina Skaggs and I am originally from the west side of Michigan. I grew up in Grand Haven and Fruitport where I enjoyed all the great things Lake Michigan has to...