IV Nutrition Therapy with Douglas J Salon and Medspa

IV Nutrition Therapy has come on the scene in the past few years and we’ll admit, we were extremely curious to see what it entails! We wanted to know how it can help us to feel our best. As we age and self care becomes more important than ever. We’re looking for ways to care for ourselves that go beyond the surface level. Care that truly help us from the inside out. Lansing Mom had the opportunity to learn more about IV Therapy Nutrition, in our partnership with Douglas J Salon and Medspa. We are SO EXCITED to share everything we learned with all of you. We know the benefits it gave us and we can’t wait for you to experience it too.

Before we dive in, Lansing Mom has a code just for you! Use code LMIV40 for 40% off your first IV Nutrition, or code LMIV25 for 25% off your second, now through April 12th!

IV Nutrition Therapy with Douglas J Salon and Medspa | Morgyn Weaver

Join us today for an interview with Morgyn Weaver from Douglas J. Today she’ll be sharing a little bit about her background, how she got into IV Nutrition, and all of her knowledge on the topic. This interview allowed us to get an inside look at the IV Nutrition Therapies Douglas J offers and to learn about them.

What you can expect from today’s interview:

  • What is IV Nutrition Therapy
  • Who is a good candidate?
  • How IV Nutrition Therapy is administered
  • What the setting is like in Douglas J Salon and Medspa
  • How to know which therapy is right for you and whether or not to consult a doctor. Plus information on the doctor on staff at Douglas J, who reviews your medical chart before IV Nutrition Therapy

Check it all out below and let us know, are there future Medspa Topics you’d like to discuss?

Looking for more information on what our partners at Douglas J Salon and Medspa have to offer? Check out our Guide to Self Care and our Guide To Pregnancy and Postpartum.


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