International Women’s Day Coloring Pages

Every year on March 8th, we come together, on a global scale, to celebrate International Women’s Day. We celebrate the many achievements of women past and present. We celebrate how far we have come and we raise awareness about women’s equality. To honor some of the women that have made such an impact, here are some coloring pages for you to do alone or with your kiddos.

International Women’s Day Coloring Pages

Head to the link below to download the full collection of images:

International Women’s Day

Be sure to take a picture of your finished coloring pages and tag @lansingmoms on Instagram!

More Perspective on IWD

If you’re looking for boy mom perspective this International Women’s Day you are not alone. “As a woman myself, this day is important to me. I see friends and family post pictures of women in their life and the girls they are raising to honor this day. There are words of encouragement, empowerment, and appreciation. I look at these with joy in my heart for the wonderful women in my feed and the intentionality of how they are lifting up and encouraging their daughters for a bright future. But, in all honesty, I feel a bit left out, too. I live in a house full of men. My family unit is myself, my husband, and four young sons. It got me thinking: how can my sons celebrate International Women’s Day?” Read more from Kristen here on celebrating IWD with your sons.

If you’ve ever felt left out on International Women’s Day you are not alone and it is your day to celebrate too. Head here to read on for why you are included in this special day too.


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