Hormone Health and Fertility with Dr. Thakore from IVF Michigan

Hormones are a hot topic right now in the social media world. We were so excited to sit down with Dr. Suruchi Thakore from IVF Michigan to discuss Hormone Health and Fertility. There can be so many questions surrounding this topic including how to optimize and what we do when things aren’t optimal. Today we are sharing our interview with Dr. Thakore where she shares facts, information, as well as advice and support for those walking through hormones and fertility.

Hormone Health and Fertility with IVF Michigan

In today’s interview we’ll be meeting with Dr. Thakore. Dr. Thakore is your local Fertility Specialist, specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Thakore firmly believes that everyone has a right to build a family and that infertility is a journey. We are honored to have her in our Lansing Community.

What You Can Expect from Today’s Hormone Health Interview

  • Introduction to Dr. Thakore
  • What is Hormone Health
  • Why hormones are important for Fertility
  • Advice for Navigating Hormones and Fertility
  • Hormone Function


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