Best Items for Travel with Babies

If there’s one thing I love, it’s baby gear. I’m not sure what it is, but I get a ridiculous thrill from researching the very baby best gear for any situation. I made two different spreadsheets when we were trying to choose a stroller for our baby, as an example of how over the top I can get with this topic. One of my favorite types of gear is for traveling with babies. Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned parent, travel with a baby can be incredibly daunting. While the right gear can’t solve every challenging aspect of traveling with your baby, having thoughtfully-designed items can certainly make things a little bit easier on you. Below are some suggestions for all budgets broken down by category.

At Lansing Mom we always recommend our tried and true favorites, while these are some of our favorite items in our home, this post does contain affiliate links! 

Car Seats

Doona (retail $550)

The Doona converts between a stroller and car seat instantly and is very easy to install with or without a base. While certainly on the pricier side, the Doona eliminates some of the bulk of traveling with an infant and is worth the cost if you’re able to swing it. The Doona saves space and time whether you’re traveling by car, train, or airplane.

Doona Car Seat, Image from

Cosco Scenera Next (retail $60)

It doesn’t get much more budget-friendly than this car seat. It’s also lightweight and relatively easy to install for travel by plane or switching between vehicles. These seats are also slim, so a backseat can fit three side by side if needed.


gb Pockit Air (retail $200)

The Pockit Air weighs just over 10 pounds to a handbag-shaped package in seconds, making it easy to bring along for any kind of travel. It is also carry on compliant for plane travel, which can make travel by air a bit less challenging.

Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller (retail: $49)

This umbrella-style stroller is compact and lightweight. It is most helpful for infants who are nearly sitting. It takes up a bit more space than some other available options, but for the price point, it’s a great option for travel.

Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller, image via

Travel Cribs

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light (retail: $299)

This crib truly does it all. It’s unbelievably easy to set up and fold down. It weighs 13 pounds and takes up minimal space when it’s folded, making it great for car travel. It is better for babies over four months or so, as it doesn’t have a bassinet attachment, but would work in a pinch for smaller babies as well.

Budget-friendly option

Use what’s available at your destination (retail: FREE! Usually). Most hotels and even some Airbnbs/VRBOs will provide a travel crib of some kind upon request for no extra charge. Even if there’s a small fee, it’s usually worth it to not have to lug around a travel crib of your own.

Mealtime Essentials

Hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat (retail $45)

This seat is a perfect booster for any kind of travel – including camping! It works for any supported sitter and it easily straps to a chair. It has its own dishwasher-safe tray, is machine-washable, and is lightweight.

Busy Baby Silicone Placemat (retail: $26)

This placemat is a lifesaver for babies who are constantly throwing toys and teethers onto dirty restaurant floors (i.e. every baby who has every been in a restaurant, ever). It suctions to the table and allows you to easily secure baby items to help keep your little one occupied without having to constantly pick up stray items from the floor.

Busy Baby Silicone Placemat, image via


Yogasleep Portable White Noise Machine

Skip Hop Backseat Car Organizer

Wet Dry Bags

Travel Blackout Shade

Skip Hop High Chair Cover

ErgoBaby 360 Baby Carrier

Of course, there are countless products on the market for traveling with kids and babies – too many to possibly cover here! But I hope this helps some with your own travel planning with your littles. Bon voyage!!

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