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Chelsea Fristoe

I'm a former roller derby girl living in the heart of Lansing. I live with my wife and our abundant fur babies. We are currently on a journey to become moms!

Planning a Family Camping Trip to Nordhouse Dunes

If you think you know Michigan and you haven’t been to Nordhouse Dunes, you don't know Michigan. As a fairly avid camper and Michigan enthusiast, I thought my first trip to Nordhouse would be...

10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Kids

Earth Day takes place on April 22 each year, marking the anniversary of the beginning of the modern environmental movement. It's a great time to talk with your kids about the importance of caring for...

Dear Sister: An Open Letter to a Single Mom

Dear Single Mom and Sister, I will never forget the moment you called me to tell me you were pregnant. There was both terror and excitement in your voice. You knew in that moment that...

The Thick of IUI

“Maybe we should just take a test,” my wife said to me on the eleventh day after our last IUI. It was three days early, but we just couldn’t wait any longer because when...

Ways to Give Back This Quarantined Holiday Season

Growing up, my family, like many other families, found ways to give back every holiday season. Sometimes this looked like adopting a child and fulfilling their wish list or donating to charity. Sometimes it...

Five Things I Wish We Had Known About Choosing a Donor

Prospective parents may need a sperm donor for many reasons: same sex couples, male infertility, or single women looking to have a baby. My wife and I began the search for our own donor...

Introducing Chelsea Fristoe…A Future Lansing Mom

Greetings! I’m Chelsea Fristoe, one of the latest additions to the Lansing Mom team. I live with my wife and our assorted pets in the heart of Lansing. I am a former roller derby...

One Minute at a Time: Navigating Fertility Through a Pandemic

Our first fertility consultation was in January 2020 to discuss our options for starting a family. We got the tests done, filled out the forms, did everything right away and were hoping to have...