Best Candy Spots In + Around Lansing

Now and then we love to take our boys to get a treat. Whether it be a local bakery or a local candy shop, they love getting treats. There are so many varieties of candies and we love exploring the local places here in Lansing to find fun and unique sweets. We have found a few great spots in the Lansing area to get the best candy.  

The Peanut Shop

The Peanut Shop has been around since 1937 and is right in the heart of downtown Lansing. Parking is very convenient; we found a spot right in front of the store. Not only do they have candy but they do have a great selection of nuts, seeds, and trail mixes. We tried the cinnamon almonds, peanut caramel clusters, and juju fish. My boys loved the cinnamon almonds. The Peanut Shop takes you back in time and we loved it. 


Located right on Michigan Avenue near Sparrow Hospital, this is the place for chocolate. They have a great selection of clusters, truffles, and creams. Their truffles and peanut clusters are delicious. They also have a large selection of bulk candy and sugar-free options as well. Their holiday gift boxes make the best gifts for anyone on your list. We tried the peanut cluster when we were there and my boys had some gummy bears, and we will be back. Fabianos has been a Lansing staple for many years. It is family-owned and run and is the perfect spot to take the kids.  

Rocket Fizz

Rocket Fizz recently moved from Eastwood Town Center to Grand River Avenue in East Lansing, right near the MSU Campus. They also have other locations throughout Michigan.  They have some of the best nostalgic candy that I have seen and an even better soda selection. We couldn’t believe all the different types of soda they have in the shop.  


Keans in Downtown Mason has a great bulk candy section.  My kids love to go in there and play with the trains and toys but we always have to stop and get a little bit of candy on the way out. They have gummies, chocolates, and sour candies. We’ve noticed that they have holiday-specific candy as well. It’s the perfect spot to grab a quick treat if you’re in the Downtown Mason area. 

Horrocks Farm Market

My boys had never been to Horrocks, and this was a wonderful experience for them. Horrocks is always a good destination with kids, but especially for candy. They have a great selection of basically every candy you can think of.  hey have fudge, bulk candy, nostalgic candy, boxed candy, and so much more. They pretty much have it all. The boys loved checking out the different cases of chocolate. We ended up grabbing some gummy bears, of course, and they can’t wait to go back.  

Lansing is not short on candy spots, to say the least. Whether it’s nostalgic candy, chocolate, or like my boys, gummy bears, there seems to be something for everyone.  

Candy isn’t the only sweet thing in Lansing, check out this post for the best bakeries in the area.


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