Kristin Hundt

Kristin Hundt is a fervent teacher, learner, and global citizen. Spending more than twelve years as a middle school teacher, she is currently taking a leave from the classroom to explore her passions and stay at home with her children. She is a world-traveler in training, writer, music and photography enthusiast, and semi-professional book pusher. Kristin loves nothing more than to go on 'adventures' with her husband and four young boys learning about and serving the world around them.

How to Embrace a Season in Your Home

I was pushing my cart around one of my favorite grocery stores. Before picking up the things on my list, I wandered down the aisles seeing if anything caught my eye. I turned my...

Use the Snack and Chat to Connect with Your Kids

The other day I came downstairs shortly after my kids came home from school. I looked around and everything I saw gave me instant overwhelm! There were papers that looked like they’d be thrown...

An Alternative to the Forced Apology

Recently, my children were playing with their cousins in our basement. There was sharing, taking turns, and general harmony. But, inevitably, something happened. I heard one of my sons yell, “I said stop!” Then,...

Save Your Summer Sanity With A Quiet Time

Summer encompasses all the feels- magical moments watching your children swim in a pool together, taking family bike rides, maybe adventuring in a new place. There is more sunlight, warmth, bbqs, and celebrations. Summer...

A Free Summer Learning Resource Guide

It’s hard to believe that summer is finally here! It brings more sunlight, a slower pace, and the kids are home from school. That last one is a gift, but can also be stressful....
Map with two child hands holding a car and an airplane.

When Traveling With Kids, Bring These!

Summer is here! With more consistently nice weather and school being out, summer is the time for more adventuring as a family. It might be quick day trips to a nearby town, a weekend...

Celebrate International Women’s Day With Your Sons

International Women’s Day is March 8th and began in 1911. This global celebration honors the political, social, economical, and cultural achievements of women. It is also a day of action: to support women-owned businesses...

Let the Library Make Your Life Easier

In any given week, you can find me packing up several books and heading to our local library usually with a kid, or four, in tow. My family has between 20-50 books checked out...

Random Acts of Kindness Day

The middle of winter is challenging. The magic of the holidays is long over. Sometimes there are days or weeks where we don't see much of the sun; it feels dark all the time....

Celebrate Picture Book Month at Any Age

It’s bedtime- baths have been done, teeth have been brushed, pajamas are on. Twilight is creeping in. I sit on one of my son’s beds and four little bodies gather around. My boys know...