How to Embrace a Season in Your Home

I was pushing my cart around one of my favorite grocery stores. Before picking up the things on my list, I wandered down the aisles seeing if anything caught my eye. I turned my cart down a new aisle and stopped cold. Glaring back at me were witches, jack-o-lanterns of every shape, and more ghosts and ghouls than I could count. Orange and black screamed at me. It wasn’t even August yet. I was enjoying a reprieve from the scalding hot weather by being in this air conditioned store! I realized there is so much temptation for us to transform our homes into the upcoming holiday (often as early as possible) instead of leaning into mother nature. I’m trying hard to let the weather, the colors, and the surroundings lead the way. Here are a few tips to embrace a season in your home.  

Decide on Colors

Rather than letting the black and orange of Halloween, the green and red of Christmas, or red, white, and blue of the 4th of July dictate what decorates your home, reflect on the colors YOU love the most that tell the story of winter, spring, summer, and fall. For example, I have been loving purples and browns this fall. Throw blankets, pillow covers, and vases with stems and flowers in my home mimic this. Look up Google images or Pinterest photos of a season to help you decide what colors you love in each season. You may notice you gravitate towards yellow flowers or tall grasses in spring. That inspiration needs to be brought right into your home no matter what holiday may surround it.  

Bring Nature Inside 

One powerful way to embrace the season is right out your front door! Take a walk around your yard to clip stems and gather branches. Use these to bring the season inside. Adding touches of nature inside is wonderful because it helps rotate the seasons around. Not everything is available all year round. Adding plants and flowers also supports the colors you love in each season. I cannot wait until my peonies bloom in late spring. Light pink is one of my favorite spring colors and having a few in vases around my house helps me embrace all things spring. Lastly, using things from outside in your home saves space. As soon as you’re finished with the blooms, sticks, or stems, they don’t need to be stored! Storing all the decor is a stressor for me so bringing more nature inside has helped with this tremendously. 

Use all Your Senses

Once you’ve decided on colors you love and you’ve brought the outside inside, think of all five of your senses. Using your sight is probably one of the most natural places to start. You want to see the season in many rooms in your home. Besides changing things like pillow cases or blankets, switching out some photographs can be a great way to have more of the season in your eyesight. I love glancing at a family picture at the beach during the summer and love, just as much, switching that photo out for all my sons covered in snow in the winter. By using blooms, branches, and stems, this will help the feel of the season as well. Use blankets and pillow cases to help with the sense of touch as well. 

Also be sure to consider smells, tastes, and sounds. Candles and air fresheners can be instrumental in transforming your home into the new season. Give yourself permission to use them! You can always get new ones next year. Again, this saves on storage. Think of foods as the seasons change. Making a great cold salad transports me into summer every time! Think about foods you love that remind you of each season and make sure to rotate those around during the three months.  If you’re like me, songs can bring you right back to a particular time in your life and that can be helpful in embracing a season. There are songs or bands that make me think of fall. I have ever-growing playlists for each season! It’s one of the most effective ways for me to truly lean-in to the changing weather and the colors of winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

Choose Decor That Lasts

A way I am trying to embrace a season is to find pieces to bring into my home that can last for the whole three months. When we just focus on a holiday, like Halloween, some of the items we might use don’t have the longevity to last the whole season. For me personally, bunnies at Easter are cute and welcomed, but I don’t love looking at them from the first day of spring until mid June. Trying to be more intentional about embracing the whole season of winter, spring, summer, and fall has helped me stay joyful when walking around my home. For example, I love getting out my favorite blue colored blanket when the warmth of summer finally hits. I look forward to switching out pillow cases and making subtle changes in my home decor that make me happy for weeks and weeks. 

I hope these tips will help you lean into mother nature this year. Embrace each of the four seasons by choosing items in your home that last, reflect the colors that YOU love, and allow you to experience all five senses. During fall, do I still have jack-o-lanterns and witches hats around my home? Absolutely! But they aren’t the main way I decorate. Let the season guide you. 

What are some of your favorite ways to bring the seasons in to your home? Tell us in the comments below!

Kristin Hundt
Kristin Hundt is a fervent teacher, learner, and global citizen. Spending more than twelve years as a middle school teacher, she is currently taking a leave from the classroom to explore her passions and stay at home with her children. She is a world-traveler in training, writer, music and photography enthusiast, and semi-professional book pusher. Kristin loves nothing more than to go on 'adventures' with her husband and four young boys learning about and serving the world around them.


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