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Katie Jones


Where to Find Homeschool Supplies and Curriculum Resources

So you've decided to homeschool, or are thinking about it, and you want to know where to go for supplies? We have got you covered with a comprehensive list of the best places to...

Voting in the 2020 Election: What You Need to Know

The election is right around the corner and, while in years past voting probably wasn’t at the forefront of your mind this early on, this year it should be. As you’ve probably heard by...

I Ditched Tampons and You Can, Too

10 years ago, I quit tampons cold turkey. At the time, I didn’t know what my options were, but I definitely wasn’t interested in using them anymore. Truth be told, I am an overly...

What You Need to Know About Michigan Zoos Re-Opening

Things are starting to return to a new normal and it is so exciting! While maybe you can't wait to revisit some of your favorite spots, there are are some new protocols that need...

Books to Read with your Kids to Celebrate LGBTQIA

Pride Month is here and if you don't already have a few books to read with your kids, we've got you covered! From books for toddlers to older children, there's something for everyone here....

Lansing Mom’s Frontline Mama Search

Recent events have put strain on mothers everywhere. Our loads are full between homeschooling, work, and providing for the needs of our families. Everything we do every day has been magnified, but for those...

Lansing Mom’s Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day is upon us and if you haven't picked a gift yet, we've got some ideas rounded up for you for the special dads in your life. From local options to heartfelt gifts,...

Toys For Raising Culturally and Racially Aware Children

Exposing children to different races and cultures is an extremely important part of raising children who value and respect all people. Toys are great way to do that! If you begin to expose your...

Podcasts to Listen to on Confronting Racism

Educating yourself on racial injustice is something that we are all responsible for doing. If books aren’t your thing, we have you covered with podcasts that discuss a variety of different topics related to...

Ten Books to Talk to Your Kids and Teens About Race

If you’re anything like me, you grew up in a household where you were taught to be a good human, to be kind to others, and to not judge others on the color of...