Adopted and Proud to Be!

I was adopted at six week old. My biological parents were fifteen and sixteen when they got pregnant with me. They were just teenagers at the local high school. Young, innocent, and having to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. My biological parents wanted a better life for me than what they would have been able to provide. They chose adoption and I am forever grateful because they gave me life.

My Mom, My Dad, My Sister, and Me

My parents could not have kids, but they desperately wanted to be parents. Timing was everything and here I am now, 38 years later, and never more thankful to be adopted.

I don’t remember having a distinct conversation with my parents about my adoption (or my little sister’s), but I always knew I was adopted and that my little sister was too. While we may have different biological parents, we have always been one family unit.

My mom was white and my dad is black. Both myself and my sister are biracial. Based on the color of our skin, most of the kids never gave it a second thought that we were adopted. We just looked like a family when we were together.

Growing Up Adopted

My aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and other extended family never treated my sister or I differently. We were family, and even though my mom’s side of the family is all white and my dad’s side of the family is all black, that did not matter. We were never taught to see a person for the color of their skin.

But, that did not mean that I didn’t have struggles or questions around my adoption.

As I got older, I would envy my friends who would call out certain features they had of their parents or siblings. I was envious because, I did not know who I looked like or what features I had of my biological parents and I was not sure if I ever would.  This made me feel left out and sometimes lonely, not having anyone to talk with about.

Feels Like Family

When I was 18, my mom gave me an opportunity to look for my biological parents. The paperwork was filled out, but never sent. What I realized over time, is that I was attempting to search for something I already had… a family. My family. My mom, my dad, my sister.

I was never lost. I was never alone. I was never without. I was always loved. I was always supported. I was always cared for. I had all of the things that my biological parents had wanted for me, and then some. I am truly blessed with the best. Now that I am a mom, I realize what a selfless thing adoption is. Letting go of someone you love for a better life and opportunities. The thought still gives me chills.

I am thankful for the life I was given, for my amazing parents, their unconditional love and support, and the life they provided me. There has never been a doubt of who my family is.

Adoption is amazing. It is painful, it is love. Adoption can provide an amazing life, opportunities, and a lifetime of happiness, love, and memories. I am adopted and I am SO proud to be. I am beyond thankful for the life my biological parents gave me and the life my parents provided for me as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about the adoption process, read this blog post.

Kelli Careathers
Hi! My name is Kelli, I am a mama bear to one daughter, her name is Adrianna! My family and I live in East Lansing and are a true Spartan family! I am a health and wellness coach, who works with women daily to empower them to live their best lives and be their support along their journey. In my spare time I love to workout, cook and catch up on my DVR shows!


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