5 Home Date Night Ideas

One of the things the pandemic taught me is to really think outside the box. Especially, since we were home bound. Our family now utilizes every square inch of our home! This even comes into play when my husband and I have date night. Sometimes it’s not possible to get out of the house but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun and enjoyable date night right in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or the babysitter canceled, here are list of five fun, creative, and romantic date nights to try at home.

Game Night

Play cards, classic board games, video games, computer games, or even puzzles. Settle in for a playful night of challenging each other. Trying working as a team to build trust and practice great communication skills. Or, bring the competition and enjoy the playful banter build up.

Taste Test

The sky is the limit with how much fun you can have with this one! You can taste test beverages by gathering different varieties of beer, wine, cocktails or smoothies. Or you can do a sweet treat test with various ice creams, cookies, or pies. Include your favorites, some from local places, and be sure to get something new to test. Get a blind fold, cover the titles, and keep score of your favorites!

Here is a photo of our 2020 anniversary celebrating at home!

Spa Night

Turn your home into the perfect spa for date night. Slice up the cucumbers and heat up some towels for the full pampering experience. Turn on soothing instrumental music and practice mediation and deep breathing.

Music Night

Whether you have musical abilities or not, collect your favorite jams and turn up the volume. Better yet, have a special moment and dance to your first dance from your wedding. Other fun music date night ideas are karaoke, music trivia, or playing an album all the way through from start to finish and rating each song.

Learn Each Others’ Love Languages

There are serval books written about the five love languages: Acts of Service, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Touch. Pick up a copy of one of the books (the OG is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman), read an article or chapter, and take a quiz to learn more deeply about your partner’s love language. Engage in a healthy conversation about how you truly feel loved.

Even in spite of all things that can happen in life, you can still get creative and enjoy the time you have with your person. Time is so valuable. I hope you can cherish and soak in even the smallest moments and enjoy a special date night at home.

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