The Four-Gift Rule for Kids: Making Giving Simple

Are you looking for ways to simplify the season? 2020 has been a year filled with ups and downs. By simplifying the holiday season, you can not only sit back and enjoy the time a little more, but your wallet will be happy about this new tradition. When your child looks back on Christmastime, you want them to remember the magical feelings, memories, and Christmas traditions. They won’t remember that remote control car they got at age three. The four-gift rule includes something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. It’s a great tradition to start with your family to help simplify the season and bring back what the holidays are all about.


Something They Want

Your child will still be able to choose one item they want for Christmas, but will have to narrow it down to one item, which will make it even more special. Here is a great gift guide for all ages.

Something They Need

Have your child tell you something they really need; it could be anything, but by choosing one item it will make it more important.

Something to Wear

How about some silly socks, cozy slippers, their favorite tee in the next size up, or give them something to wear in the new year that they will love.

Something to Read

Give your child the gift of knowledge by giving them something to read. Here is a book guide from the Today Show for the best books to gift in 2020.

By adopting the four-gift rule, you are not only simplifying the season, but creating a magical Christmas tradition for everyone to remember. I hope this new tradition can help to simplify the season for you and take the stress out of holiday shopping.

Check out The 2020 Lansing Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide if you’re looking for local businesses to help support during the holiday shopping season.


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