Self-Quarantined from the Weirdness of the Internet

The internet right now is weird. Like. R E A L  W E I R D.

A side job of mine deals with social media. So, I get paid to scroll, swipe, and click. Let me tell you, I’ve seen some weird stuff. More people have been active online, researching topics, checking in on family, and reading the news. It gets heavy. I realized that I absorb the anxiety of other mothers, the pain from the hurting, and the fear regarding the unknown that floats around.

We went from Love is Blind, to full country shut downs, conspiracy theories, and a full blown effort to #freebritney. I am not downplaying any of this, but the weight of responsibility to take these on is heavy.

It means being very conscious of my mental health when it comes to safe internet use as a mother. Here are a few steps you can take to protect your sanity, heart, and time management.

Schedule Your Scrolls

I have a life outside of the screen that needs my attention. The dangerous part of scrolling is the time that is lost while doing it. There are tools on your phone that can track time spent on social media sites and also ways to shut the apps down after you meet your time limit. The concept of moderation works well! Make a goal for yourself with time frames that will work with your schedule.

For example, I give myself time blocks during the day to do things like:

  • Check in with friends
  • Reply to emails
  • Work
  • Have mindless scroll time

Unfollow. Block. Deny.

This is your life! There is barely enough time to do the things you want to do and see the things you want to see, let alone enjoy your time online. Why spend time arguing, being brought down, or discouraged? Leave the groups, block the toxicity, and become very familiar with the UNFOLLOW button.

Changing Minds is a Waste of Time

Here is a bold statement: minds have never been changed because of an internet argument. It really won’t happen. Once you find that peace…that mindset makes scrolling through a lot easier. One comment here and there can be harmless, however, so much stress comes with the self-appointed responsibility of trying to change the world “one facebook comment at a time.”

Don’t Spiral

Headlines are made for clicks. Don’t let the titles of articles scare you or add stress. As you flip through the social media pages you will see CAROLE BASKIN! VIRUS NUMBERS INCREASE! BUBONIC PLAGUE! WORST YEAR EVER! All shouting for your attention. Take a breath and realize, you do not have to engage. When you find yourself getting worked up or stressed because of the content…change the channel. Adjust your mindset.

This is your reminder to enjoy yourself online and be conscious of the ability to lose happiness on the internet. There is so much information at our fingertips but unless we are safely utilizing it, that is lost.

Looking for something to elevate your brain a bit after a mindless internet scrolling session? Try this.


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