Easter Basket Ideas for Babies to Teens

We get it, you’re busy, mom life is no joke and Easter may have slipped through the cracks a little bit! No worries though because we’ve got you covered with Easter basket ideas that you can get in time for Easter! Read on to see what we’ve stocked in baskets for babies, toddlers, big kids and teens!


At Lansing Mom we always recommend our tried and true favorites, while these are some of our favorite items in our home, and things we’re loading into our baskets too, this post does contain affiliate links! Hoppy Shopping Mamas!

Baby Basket

The sweetest one to fill, the baby basket might be filled with cute things for you rather than baby! We’ve got our favorite tethers, stuffed animals, toys, and more all shared in this area to make the cutest basket for baby!

Our Top Pick from the baby section: Jellycat Bunny, each one of Katie’s kids has one and it is the softest, tried and true, stuffy!

Toddler Basket

Easter really starts to get fun in those toddler years, with so much joy and wonder, you’ll want to join in on the fun too. With some super cute things for your toddler to play with, splash in puddles and more we love putting together a toddler basket!

Our Top Pick From the Toddler Section: Our favorite Toddler Camera, your little one will love capturing spring coming into bloom!

Big Kid Basket

You’ve entered the big kid stage, gone are the days of cute bunnies and matching outfits. Your big kids have got their own personalities and more! We’ve loaded up this section with our favorites and some new items we’ll be using to add a little fun!

Our Top Pick from the Big Kid Section: The Smile Face Bucket Hat, the kids are very into smiley faces these days and these bucket hats are super fun!

Teen Basket

So you’ve got a teen on your hands. They know about the bunny but you still want to shower them with a little bit of love! We’ve got you covered with the perfect tokens for your teens to show your love for them.

Our Top Pick From the Teen Section: JBL Headphones, they come in the cutest colors without the price tag of the apple headphones!

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