Fun Pranks the Whole Family Will Enjoy For April Fools Day

Why do omelets love April Fools Day? They enjoy practical yolks. Now that I have that bad joke out of the way, I’m going to dive into all things April Fools Day! This prank-filled holiday has an interesting history with so many origins dating back to ancient times. However, not all pranks are created equal, so I’m here to bring you the best (and easiest) pranks for April Fools Day that will have your whole family laughing!

My Best Prank of All Time

When my son was about four years old, I pulled off my favorite prank of all time. I ever so carefully peeled the wrapper from a mini milk chocolate Easter egg and then wrapped it onto a grape. When my kiddo walked over to the table and asked me what I was eating, I excitedly told him I was enjoying some chocolate! Of course, I offered him a piece, which was actually the hidden grape. The look on his face when he opened it up was priceless!


What’s in the Box?

For this next prank, you’ll need to grab a box of donuts from your favorite local bakery. When you get home, take the donuts out and hide them in a secret location. Then, fill the now-empty donut box with something silly, like fruit, vegetables, or even mismatched socks. Your kids will be in for quite the surprise when they think a delicious donut is awaiting them, only to find something else in the box instead. Of course, after yelling “APRIL FOOLS!” everyone will be happy to see the actual donuts come out of hiding.


If you are looking for a great way to surprise someone, grab some of the bubble wrap from your recycling pile and place it under the rugs around your house. As your family members walk across the rug – POP, POP, POP! This prank is simple, easy, and sure to get a reaction!

Broken Television

This next prank is perfect for teens, dads, and anyone who loves their screen time. When no one is in the room, turn on your television and cast the broken television screen video from YouTube. Watch the panic set in as you call your family into the room to proclaim that the TV is broken! The YouTube video lasts for over thirty minutes, so see how long you can keep this April Fools Day prank going.

Brown “E’s”

Another silly yet easy prank is the Brown “E’s” joke. Cut a few letter E’s out of brown paper or just color them brown with crayons. Place them into a baking dish and cover the dish with foil. When your children get home from school, tell them that you made some brownies, and ask if they would like some! When they uncover the pan, instead of a delicious baked good, they’ll find the brown E’s awaiting them. Word to the wise: you might want to have a backup treat on hand to lessen the blow.

brown letter e's placed in a baking dish for an April Fools Day Prank

Splash Zone

This next prank comes courtesy of my childhood and my sister, who thought this was a hilarious idea. With the faucet turned off, carefully wrap a rubber band around your sink sprayer, holding the lever down. The next person to turn the sink on will be sprayed like they are at a water park. Just make sure you remember that you set up this prank, or you might be the lucky recipient of a spray to the face!

Last, But Not Least – Classic April Fools Joke

When all else fails, nothing says Happy April Fools Day like a good old whoopee cushion. If potty humor is your family’s love language, a well-hidden whoopee cushion is sure to keep everyone laughing!


Do you have a family favorite April Fools Day joke? Have an idea that didn’t go according to the plan? Leave a comment and let us know!

Elizabeth Spisich
Elizabeth lives in Jackson, Michigan, with her husband and two sons. She has worn many hats throughout the years: Elementary school teacher (so.many.apples), photographer (bride and baby wrangler), mother of two boys (more coffee, please!), and proud MSU alum (GO GREEN!). Elizabeth currently balances being a stay-at-home mom while growing her small business, Wonder and Wander - Jackson. When she's not encouraging her children to put the screens away to go outside, you can find her trying to make others laugh and doing what she can to make the world a more beautiful place.


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