Five Ways to Thank a Teacher This School Year

Did the end of the school year sneak up on anyone else? Just us? I have to think we’re not alone. After this tumultuous school year I will definitely be buying two gifts, one for the teacher and one for myself. Who’s with me?! In all seriousness, teachers deserve an all expense paid vacation this year. so we’ve rounded up some ideas of what to give them to express our gratitude for not only teaching our children but for keeping them safe. Here are our top five ways to thank a teacher as this school year comes to an end.

Become a Delivery Person

Whether it’s a morning coffee, or a lunch break, head into school with a delivery for your child’s teacher. You can grab their order ahead of time, to be sure you’ll get it right and they know to expect you, or you could ask another teacher what they may like and bring it in as a surprise. Either way it’s sure to put a smile on your teachers face. As someone who taught for many years I would NEVER turn down a coffee, even if I already had one. The thought and love was always so appreciated and is a sure way to thank a teacher.

Grab a Gift Card

You’ve spent a whole year getting to know this teacher, and them you, and your child. Hopefully you’ll know something they would love but if you’re not sure there are always some fan favorites.

  • Target
  • Starbucks or Biggby (I will leave this to you, may the odds be ever in your favor)
  • Amazon

Give Local

This is sure to make your teacher happy and our local businesses. We have a huge guide to local businesses here but our top three suggestions for something your teacher will love are a gift card from Foster Coffee Co., popcorn from Cravings, or a gift from Polka Dots Boutique in Old Town. Support those local businesses and show your teachers you appreciate them.

Give a Theme

This would be a great idea for a class gift to each give something for a theme your teacher may love. Think a day at the beach to include sunglasses, sunscreen, a towel etc. Or you could do a movie night and include all sorts of treats in a big popcorn bucket. Let your imagination guide you, and what your teacher loves.

Give Your Help

As the school year comes to a close, ask what your teacher needs. Is there anything you can do to make the end of the year go smoother? Do they need help with anything in the classroom? If the answer is no, revert back to one of these other four on how to show your child’s teacher you truly appreciate them.

Teachers have done so much for our children and communities this year. If you want more ideas on local ways to thank a teacher head here.


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