Creative Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

One of my favorite ways to say “thank you” to teachers is to celebrate them during Teacher Appreciation Week! This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is being held from May 6-10. As a former teacher myself, I know just how hard teachers work day in and day out. Not only do they teach your children the basics like reading and math, but they also teach them important executive function skills. Plus, they make school fun! Gone are the days of apple-themed gifts (trust me on that). Keep reading for some creative ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Gift Cards for Teacher Appreciation Week

As a teacher, I loved receiving gift cards during Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers of all grade levels will appreciate gift cards of any amount (even $5 or $10!). Gift cards were perfect to use to grab a pick-me-up coffee on the way to work, or to grab some snacks to keep on hand in my classroom. If you are gifting your child’s teacher with a coffee shop gift card, why not get creative and send it to school in a travel mug? 

Here are some location ideas for teacher gift cards:

  • Target or Meijer
  • Gas stations
  • Coffee Shops 
  • Local businesses (like FarmSudz or Horrocks)
  • Nail Salon or spa
  • Movie theater
  • Book store

Lunch Delivery

One year, one of my student’s families offered to bring me lunch during Teacher Appreciation Week. What a thoughtful gesture! They chose a restaurant and sent me a menu, and told me to email them my choice. They arranged a day and time and delivered a hot lunch to me at school. This was such a fun way to get a special treat, and was a nice break from having to pack my lunch! Can’t make it to school to deliver it yourself? Utilize delivery from places like Jimmy Johns or Uber Eats!

Get Personal

I loved getting gifts from families that showed they took a moment to get to know me and my likes! One year when I decked out my classroom in Pigeon-themed decor, a family gifted me with a pigeon tote bag. I loved it, and it showed that they really took note and went the extra mile, which I so appreciated. 

Not sure what your child’s teacher likes? This year after I met my son’s teacher, I sent her an email asking her the following questions:

  • Are you a coffee drinker? If not, what’s your favorite beverage?
  • What is your favorite sweet treat?
  • What are your favorite local restaurants?

This way I had a few of her favorites in mind when it came to showing her some appreciation and choosing gifts. When we walked into conferences with her favorite soda and candy, she smiled with glee (and didn’t remember that I had asked her these questions, so she was surprised that we knew her favorites!). After all, a little kindness goes a long way!

Thanks That Are Free

Can you believe that one of the best gifts I ever received from a student’s family cost no money at all? It was a simple, yet incredibly thoughtful thank you card. This card didn’t just say “thanks.” This parent had taken the time to sit down and write me a long and heartfelt note about her son’s successes in my classroom, her appreciation of me, and what a fantastic year it had been. It brought tears to my eyes, and I have cherished that card for years now. It has stayed in my heart now that I’m no longer a teacher, and I still have it to this day! So don’t be afraid to put that pen to paper, and don’t be afraid to encourage your child to do the same. 

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out more ways to show your kid’s teacher some love this Teacher Appreciation Week.

Elizabeth Spisich
Elizabeth lives in Jackson, Michigan, with her husband and two sons. She has worn many hats throughout the years: Elementary school teacher (so.many.apples), photographer (bride and baby wrangler), mother of two boys (more coffee, please!), and proud MSU alum (GO GREEN!). Elizabeth currently balances being a stay-at-home mom while growing her small business, Wonder and Wander - Jackson. When she's not encouraging her children to put the screens away to go outside, you can find her trying to make others laugh and doing what she can to make the world a more beautiful place.


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