Celebrating National Michigan Day

National Michigan Day is celebrated on January 18th every year. While there are many different ways to celebrate being a Michigander or the Great Lake State itself, I thought it might be helpful if I gave a few ways that my family and I have celebrated or plan to celebrate our love for the mitten state!

Go Rock Hunting

While walking away with the state stone, the Petoskey would be a highlight. Taking the kids to a local park to hunt for rocks and unique treasures is a great way to celebrate Michigan, no matter what stones you find.

national michigan dayVisit The Michigan History Museum

One of our favorite ways to celebrate Michigan is to learn about its rich history. Who were its first people? What is it most known for? You’ll find that all and more at the Michigan History Museum as you and your family navigate five floors of its past.

national michigan dayExplore A Nature Center

Did you know that the state reptile is the painted turtle? What better way to learn about this reptile and other Michigan animals and plants than visiting a local nature center? We spend a lot of time at both Harris and Fenner Nature Centers. If you are up for a further drive, we have enjoyed walking the trails and visiting the nature center at Kensington Metropark.

Drop in the MSU Museum

Another Michigan fact for you, the Mastadon is Michigan’s state fossil. Visit the MSU Museum for free and explore the Masatdon Dig Diorama. Here you will be able to see see how paleontologists discovered and uncovered a mastodon jaw, spine, rib, and limb bone. Check out our other favorite exhibits, Habitat Hall and Heritage Hall (where you will find three buildings typically located in Michigan from the late 1700s to the 1940s.)

Explore a Michigan State Park

During the pandemic, my family and I set the goal to visit all of Michigan’s state parks in our lifetimes. It was fun to focus on a plan, and we discovered many new favorite parks that we wouldn’t have tried if we hadn’t set the goal of visiting them all. It’s easy to get stuck with what we are comfortable and familiar with so setting this goal helped us start to explore Michigan more. Whether you stay local and visit the nearby Sleepy Hollow State Park or make a day trip out of it and visit a state park on a Great Lake, I believe visiting a Michigan State Park would be a terrific way to celebrate National Michigan Day.

Support a Local Michigan Small Business

My daughter and I are frequent visitors to cider mills all fall, but we also love supporting and finding cider mills that are open year-round. Spending a morning adventure grabbing a hot cup of cider and a fresh donut is a perfect way to celebrate National Michigan Day. Is cider not your thing? Celebrate National Michigan Day by supporting a Michigan small business. Skip the national chain for lunch and head to the mom-and-pop diner down the road. Purchase some Michigan merchandise from your favorite Michigan storefront. You don’t have to spend a lot, but if you are planning on buying a coffee anyways, I think making sure your cup of joe comes from a Michigan coffee shop would be a perfect way to celebrate National Michigan Day.

These are just a few ideas to celebrate National Michigan Day. I am glad that National Michigan Day falls during the heart of a Michigan winter because that is when it’s easiest for any Michigander to start thinking of all the reasons perhaps they don’t love our Great Lake State. Sitting down to reflect and celebrate the mitten state is just what I need to spark my love for Michigan and get me to our beautiful spring.

Looking for more to do during these winter months right here in Lansing? Check out our Guide to Winter!


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