Celebrate National Comfy Day!


On February 20, 2022 National Comfy Day is celebrated. We all deserve a day to get nestled with all of the things that make us comfortable. I’m bringing you a list of my top eight ways to get comfy and celebrate national comfy day!

Celebrate National Comfy Day

Read the day away

Take some time to curl up in your favorite chair and get lost in your favorite book.

Take a soak in the tub or a shower

Play some zen music to set the tone. Bonus points if you use lavender scented soap!

Take a nap or sleep in!

Set an alarm for a cat nap, or delay your morning alarm. Let you body catch up on precious sleep.

Catch up on your favorite TV series

Pop the popcorn get a beverage and watch shows that make you laugh and give you joy.

Forgo Cooking

Try ordering in to save yourself time and effort. What you like, order it and dig in.

Cuddle up with your littles or partner

Grab that soft blanket and let the snuggles begin. Love on the ones you love with lots of tickles, hugs and kisses.


Even for just a short while Disconnect from your phone for a portion of the day. The scrolling and temptation to check emails or news may be present but, try to unplug so you can just relax.

Wear your pajamas all day

No shame in wearing them for the day! Put your slippers and robe on.

I hope you can gravitate towards an item on the list. We as Moms carry heavy loads and burdens at times. It is necessary for our well being to rest. So let’s take a collective deep breathe and celebrate National Comfy Day!

Looking for more ways to take care of you this season? Consider checking out Self-care for Mom: Putting You on Your To-Do List.





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