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Arika Cole

I am a mom, wife and fitness enthusiasts in the 517 area. I am the founder of Clearly Fit where we give you the fundamental elements to create a clearly fit mind, body and spirit.

Routines Are a Part of Life

Routines are a part of life for me. I mean they go as far as me being nicknamed Rain Man from my husband. Routines help me stay focused. They help me keep the cray...

Get Outdoors This Winter

Getting outdoors this winter shouldn’t have to feel like a chore. Yes, getting all of the gloves to have matches, the boots on the right feet, the jackets fully zipped, and the hats to...

Fitness in Vowels for the Holiday Season

Fitness during the holiday season is a must. Not to burn off the holiday treats, but rather to keep me sane. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays. But the anxiety with trying...

Introducing Arika Hundt-Cole…A Williamston Mom

Hey, Lansing area moms! I am Arika and I live on the way east side of town in Williamston! I love all things fitness and outdoors. Minus snakes...they terrify me but I guess they...