Routines Are a Part of Life


Routines are a part of life for me. I mean they go as far as me being nicknamed Rain Man from my husband. Routines help me stay focused. They help me keep the cray at bay. They help keep some order in a time that has been highly chaotic, one unprecedented event after another. But is it always a good thing to have a strict routine?! It just depends.

Are you up for a routine?

Old School Routine Accountability
A paper and pen may be old school but I love being able to see my routine and add things along the way.

People that love routines are probably shouting, “REALLY?” at the screen right now. Is my child happier when he goes to bed at the same time every night? Yes. Are there times where we let him stay up to watch a movie even though we know the next day is going to be rough for all of us? Yes. Comfort can be formed by having a routine. Creativity can happen when you step outside of the comfort zone that is your routine.

How do you step out of the same old routine to spark creativity? Baby steps are key to make routines part of life in your house. You would never expect to be able to run a marathon on the first day of training unless you are Barney Stinson (anyone else remember the HIMYM episode?! haha!). Think of your life as a marathon where you find the training (routine) that makes you feel smart, strong and happy.

Smart Routine

If you are looking for good options check out Kristin’s recent post.

Get enough sleep. This will help you be able to think more efficiently and effectively to be able to complete tasks with ease.

Read more. I love getting lost in books. But I had gotten in a routine of only reading certain genres. Diversifying has led me to learn more from non-fiction and opens my imagination in the fiction. Check out Kristin’s recommendations here: Books to Read to Start 2021 Off Right.

Strong Routine

Strong Routine
Strong and at the same time happy on my new route of my running routine.

Get enough sleep. This will help with muscle recovery. So, you will be able to do more day after day.

Just like diversifying what you read, diversify what you do. Yes, doing the same workouts can help build muscle memory for you to be able to perform each exercise more efficiently. But, at some point your body will plateau if you do not add variety into your workout routines. Different tempos in runs are important. Changing up your lifting exercises will hit new muscles. Trying new instructors in your workout classes may teach you a new technique to better perform and therefore become smarter and stronger. You can follow along with my weekly fitness routines and running accountability here at Clearly Fit Co. to help you set a routine.

Happy Routine

Get enough sleep. I know, I know. I had this for all 3. But it is because no one can deny how important sleep is in all aspects of your life. Being well rested after a good night’s sleep can make you feel like a million bucks.

Find the people and things that bring you joy. Sometimes we get stuck in the same routine with what we do and who we do it with, even if they are toxic to our happiness. Take note of the ones who let you be you and push you to be your best selves. Add more of the latter and take away more of the former. You oversee your happiness and how you make it happen. Once you find it, add it into your routine and find ways to keep it!

The beauty about finding a routine is that you always are going to have room for change for a well-balanced life. Evolving comes from you changing small things. You changing small things can lead to a smarter, stronger and happier self. A smarter, stronger, happier self is the end result from a well-balanced, ever evolving routine. So make routines a part of life.


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